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August 08, 2007

Realty Takes

A Tale of Two Women

Here are two more responses regarding Internet commerce, the horrors of driving and any relationship between the two.

Barbara Weinman, of Hampton Homes says, "Yes, Internet is very much increasing. I would not say it cuts down on driving because we go to the house. If we are looking for a specific home for someone we always preview the house. Jan and I never show a house that we have not seen. The old days are certainly over of walk-ins on Main St. I remember staying in the office at Harold Shepard's until 7 p.m. doing leases for the summer, showing houses until dark. We had lines out the door; it was different and in a way more fun, I think, because it was more personal. Anyway on with the new!"

And on with the new they are marching.

Who would have thought that two women brokers yes, professionals, with a lot of experience in construction and real estate would make it and make it so quickly working from homes? Well Hampton Homes has. They thought rentals would have been their entrée to the game, but they have done it on sales, as well, on their own exclusive listings, having sold, "all our exclusives within the past four months ranging from $1.7 million to $5.295 million One on ancient hwy sold for $1.7 million, another on Meeting House sold at $5.295 and had a back up. It sold for full price."

Well, clearly the market is healthy. And if you are good and know what you are doing, you will get the job done. Hampton Homes, Barbara Weinman and Jan Robinson, can be an inspiration to other brokers who would like to do business in a different way.

Barbara Feldman, of BF Designs, talks about traffic and sales: "On dealing with traffic, how about property stagers? I gave up my office because in order to get the job done. I have to go to the homes to assess the situation, then do the design (better on-site), not to mention running all over the place looking for furniture and furnishings that I can get quickly and at reasonable prices. I must put on 750 miles a week. I just traded in my last car, a 2000 Jeep that I got in 2003 with 40,000 miles on it. When I finally let it go last week, it had 185,000 miles on it. That's right, 145,000 miles in four years. That's 36,250 per year, or 3000+ per month, or 755 miles a week. Now that's some driving around."

Well it seemed to pay off because a second e-mail from BF Designs, reads:

"Another property staged and sold! After being on the market for over a year and a half without an offer, the owners of 737 Old Stone Highway in Amagansett (vacant spec house) hired Barbara Feldman and BF Designs to stage the property. Less than 60 days later the owner got two full price offers and is now in contract with a backup waiting in the wings . . . Both of the bidders wanted every piece of furniture we put in the house."

BF Designs has a website under if any readers want to see what Barbara Feldman does and has done.

In the wake of recent heavy rains and flooding on Long Island, the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc. would like to see property owners experience the most hassle-free process of filing an insurance claim. They recommend the following:

In the event of property damage, bodily injury or liability, it will be necessary to fill out a claim form in order to seek financial reimbursement. Contact your agent or broker. Be complete and truthful [Yeah right!] and supply as much detail as possible. Provide documentation to support the claim. Pictures, video, receipts and other evidence will likely make for a smoother claim.

Do not to make permanent repairs until a representative of the insurance company has inspected the property. The company has the right to inspect damaged property, and can refuse to pay for any repaired damage before inspection.

An insurance company adjuster will examine the damage and give an estimate for the cost of repairs or replacement. Get an estimate from your own contractor, an attorney or public adjuster. The insurance department licenses public adjusters, who will work on your behalf for a fee of no more than 12.5 percent of the recovery amount.

Yes, well, lots of luck. Stay safe.

I never get many invitations to events. (My kids can attest to that!) However, when one came in inviting me to a personal cocktail party for former President Clinton without bringing a check I knew those people in New York must think I am more important than I really am. Sent regrets to all because that is what I do (except for lunches).

East End real estate is a strange, strange business.

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