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July 25, 2007

Realty Takes

More Funnies, Mid-Year Awards And A Correction

I received another submission related to last week's odd, funny, message-relating realtor experiences. (Not enough space for mine so you will just have to wait for the next piece!) A great one for many reasons came in from June-Bindrin Bennett, an administrator at The Corcoran Group in Amagansett:

"I was reading your 'Funny You Should Say That' article and I had an agent that actually said that to a customer. Two ladies came into our office and were looking for a two-week rental in August. Naturally, none of the agents who had worked in the office wanted to do a two-week rental when they could be doing a longer term rental or a sale, so they passed it along to the new agent. She made arrangements and took them out and showed them the one house that was agreeable. They said it was perfect and what a shame that it wasn't for sale. She said, 'Funny you should say that, because it is.' They bought the house!"

I love that the "experienced" brokers gave it away.

You can stop holding your breath! Here is a corrected interpretation of his 2007 six-month market report, from George Simpson, Suffolk Research: "My report didn't say, 'no one is buying.' Unit sales are down, dollar sales are unchanged.

"Unit sales on the East End for the six months were down by about 200 units, from 1727 to 1524 – from 2005 to 2006 units dropped by 400. It often happens that the prices remain healthy, as do the total dollar sales, when the unit sales decline. I would expect that given the present conditions continuing, the unit sales will pick up. Note that the dollar sales dipped in 2006 and came back stronger in 2007."

Mr. Simpson added generously, "You are a cool lady who does a real service to a wacko industry full of misfits (me, and many others, not you)." Count me in, George. I like the company. (OK, a question: when misfits fit with other misfits are they no longer misfits?)

The Corcoran Group held its mid-year ceremonies on July 19 at Hampton Hall in Southampton, writes Rick Hoffman, regional East End senior vice president. "Speakers included President & CEO, Pamela Liebman, Rick Hoffman and Founder & CEO of Manhattan Mortgage, Melissa Cohn."

The Corcoran Group's 2007 award winners are: Michael Schultz, Rookie of the Mid-Year. Diane O'Brien, Employee of the Mid-Year; Marc Heskell, Top Rental Agent Year-to-Date; Susan Breitenbach, Top Exclusive Agent Year-to-Date; Elisabeth Mills, Top Sales Agent Year-to-Date; Gary DePersia, Top Sales Agent Year-to-Date (Sales Volume).

Mr. Hoffman also addressed the Suffolk Research report (we asked brokers to do so after they picked themselves up off the floor). "We feel great about the Suffolk Research six month data! We outperformed the market by significantly increasing our sales volume over last year, increasing our number of properties sold, even though the region as a whole is slightly down (per SRS), and our having a median sales price in '07 at 60 percent above what was reported for the market. Things are good here at The Corcoran Group and we're having fun on top of it."

And we learn that the Coldwell Banker Prestigious Properties franchise is branching out again! The fourth East End office will be opening in East Quogue, according to Beau Hulse, president and chief executive officer of the firm. With offices in Westhampton and Southampton, the added location "aims to serve the thriving real estate market in East Quogue and Hampton Bays."

In addition, Lena Davin former managing director of Prudential Douglas Elliman in Hampton Bays was named Coldwell's managing director, bringing along with her from Prudential Suzanne Aasbo. Other new agents are Lorraine Stever, Joe Maggio and Gloria Lofstad. Good luck, guys, and let us hear from you!

From Hampton Homes Barbara Weinman: "Hi, Lona. Sorry I could not think of anything funny, I tried but did not come up with anything worthwhile. I read what George wrote, and yes, prices are high and there is a lot on the market, but I think if you have the right listings and strong referral customers you will sell. Jan and I are doing well with our little boutique company and have sold three of our exclusives in the past few months. We are getting more to replace them because we as a small agency are able to advertise them weekly and give each house the play it deserves. Anyway, we are busy and are selling but again we are just a little fish in a big pond, maybe it's better to be the little fish?"

Nice going, Barbara and Jan because . . . Big Fish, Little Fish, Sharks, Whales and Bottom Feeders, East End real estate is a very strange business.

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