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June 27, 2007

Shelter Stories

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For the next two weeks I want you to see the wonderful dogs who are sitting in kennels and live to be walked by a wonderful RSVP volunteer A FEW MINUTES each day. With so many dogs waiting, that's the best they can do. I wish someone with training and socialization experience could help out RSVP's dedicated staff. It's so hard on them and the animals.

Let's start with Jerry, who was slated to be euthanized. He's your classic police dog, just a pup really. And then Merri, who patiently waits in her cage at Riverhead Hospital. She's a white Australian Shepherd mix. Prince and the puppy Tiger don't know they're not going to have homes soon. Awful to be abandoned. They've always been home dogs. Same with Tigger, the Golden Lab mix, who's going to lose his home because of an allergy issue.

Then you have my favorites who are hanging tough and trying to adjust to a caged in existence at Riverhead Hospital. Phoebe, a smashing young black Lab. She breaks my heart. King, the Golden mix, who's adjusted better to kennel life than most of them. And Bugsy, the Great Dane mix, who's been so patient. Volunteer Kelly takes him home whenever possible. Fostering is so important.

Sue Hansen is keeping Kisses with her family, but that can't go on forever. She's such a beauty. (Likes to wear a top hat.) And then there's Trevor, the Collie mix, down on the farm, with at least my large pen to keep him mentally stimulated. He's a particular favorite of Cathleen Russell, who heads up the Southampton Animal Shelter. RSVP appreciates her help. Please call RSVP at 728-3524.

I would say this is the worst period I've lived through since I started writing this column. So many nice dogs and no one even calling about them. They need your help. That's why I want you to see their pictures and know what their life is now. Remember those faces. They didn't ask to be born. They deserve a life.

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