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June 13, 2007

Shelter Stories

Prince (click for larger version)
This has not been a great month so far. Tigger, our wonderful golden Lab mix that I promoted in The Independent months ago, was returned because someone in the family had allergies. She had been in that home for months, which makes it worse. A great dog.

Imagine how dogs like Tigger and Bugsy, the Great Dane mix, feel, when one day they have a home and the next day they're back in a cage at Riverhead Hospital without their families. Tiger, the pup whose owner is going back to school, is in the same situation, except he's still living with his owner, blissfully unaware of what's ahead.

Kisses, the Boxer-Pit mix, is in a wonde rful foster home with RSVP volunteer Sue Hansen, but that can't last forever. And Trevor, the Collie mix, is still being walked in Riverhead by Frank Iaccio, who leaves on Friday for four weeks. Trevor's very attached to Frank and desperately needs a real home. Frank travels a lot so he can't take Trevor.

Merri, the Australian Shepherd mix who's white with freckles, is over at Riverhead Hospital with Bugsy and King, the Golden Retriever mix. The black Lab Phoebe is the one I can't understand. She's still sitting there with the others and is a great dog. How often do you see a Lab who's a real "home dog" available? People are just not looking no matter how much I write about these dogs. Even if you could foster them or just come and see them and give them some human interaction that would help.

And now we have Prince, about to lose his home, and like the puppy Tiger, Prince doesn't know it yet. His family is moving and can't take him along. Prince is a loving, mid-sized, 5-year-old male Shepherd mix a real mush. Gentle, responsive, excellent with kids and adults no issues. (I'm getting very depressed writing this story, readers, but you have to know what's happening. Sorry for the sad dose of reality.) Prince is housebroken, neutered and knows all the commands.

Please call RSVP at 728-3524. These dogs need your time, whatever you can do. Even if you just sit with them in the yard. Most of all, they need loving homes. RSVP doesn't give up on these dogs.

I have nothing to report on Sweetie, who is alive in upstate New York. A dog who doesn't like other dogs, doomed to live out her life with other unwanted dogs. This case really troubles me because Sweetie was a victim of a turf war between Riverhead shelter workers and the volunteers who'd they'd like to see go away for good. A dog who became a pawn in a very nasty game. Sweetie, who loved people, deserved to be treated fairly. She wasn't. Just one of many poor unwanteds that I've told you about this week. Maybe the news will be better next week. Yes, I'm very discouraged.

One bright note: ARF's Operation Cat is trying to help one of our concerned readers in a big way. I'm impressed. Will tell you more about this story next week. Thank you, ARF, for your efforts to save a sick, feral cat that a reader called me about for help.

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