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May 23, 2007

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This and That for Memorial Day Weekend

This and That for Memorial Day Weekend

Love your articles!" writes The Corcoran Group's Jackie Dunphy. "Read last week about teams and wanted to tell you about Susan Ryan and me (Susan Ryan as in John and Pat's family). We're 'The Power of Two!' It's been over a year since we teamed up, and we are happy we did. We get positive feedback from our customers – one of us is always available to them.

"Staggering vacation time, Susan went to Thailand and I to Mexico, we never had to worry about letting our clients down as one of us was always on hand. We have our strengths, and compliment each other nicely . . . like a pair of gloves. We have done builder seminars and first time buyer seminars, and the best thing we have going is our enthusiasm."

Well, good luck this summer, kicking off the season with the Memorial Day weekend.

A Memorial Day real estate memory from Barbara Weinman, Hampton Homes: "I remember when there used to be a line out the door with rental walk-in customers. Sometimes I would show houses until 7 p.m. and type leases on the typewriter at 8 p.m. at night! It was lots of fun then; now it's different. All Internet. Still fun sometimes, but different."

Gurney's Ingrid Lemme asks, "My dear friend Geri Tomitz left Keeshan Real Estate in Montauk and is now at The Corcoran Group in Montauk. Please mention that in your column, so that people will know."

Happy news this week! Town and Country's executive assistant, Ellen Dioguardi is getting married. God bless and good luck, Ellen. So glad your mom, long time broker Dorothy Chrystal, had a chance to meet the lucky guy before she passed away.

Here's an Ellen and Mom Memorial Day anecdote: "I remember going, maybe 18 to 20 years ago, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, VERY late at night (after 9 or 10 p.m.) with my mom to meet the actress Kate Capshaw (it was after she'd done Indiana Jones but before she became Mrs. Spielberg) at the train station and then drive her to meet the car that arrived at the house she'd rented on Main Street, East Hampton (down south of Village Hall), so we could help unload her bags.

"The 'bags' turned out to be huge steamer trunks of stuff, some additional furniture and a never ending parade of suitcases – ALL of which my mother, myself and the driver of the van hauled into the house for the next 30-40 minutes. The soon-to-be Mrs. Spielberg was gracious and sweet but the trunks were heavy – typical old time real estate person acting as valet, chauffeur, maid, decorator, babysitter, pool cleaner, you name it as long as it means you'll CALL ME when you want to BUY!"

Broker Elaine Markolf e-mails, "I am a sales rep here at Encore Atlantic Shores in Eastport, LI, NY . . . I lived and worked in Sag Harbor for 30 years and also worked for Prudential Douglas Elliman in independent sales . . . now as I am approaching 57, I came on board with Encore Atlantic Shores a WCI Community . . . it is the best and most affordable alternative to renting or buying in the Hamptons for the 55+ crowd . . .

"Our customers are coming mostly from Nassau County and have [second] homes in Florida . . . still want to stay close to the kids and New York . . . we straddle both North and South Forks here in Eastport . . . we are seven miles west of Main Street Westhampton and [about] 10 miles west of Tanger Mall and 15 miles west of the NF wineries.

"Prices start here at $518K to $706K . . . since I read what's going on every week on both Forks, I want everyone in this age category [to know] that we have a great community and only have 62 more to sell out of 240."

I asked for a Memory for the Day and got a message that I really like – one that should make us stop rushing around, worrying, being too busy to get anything done. One that might make us think that so many do so much, offering their lives for strangers and their country.

It came from Prudential Douglas Elliman's Jean Marie Ali: "I'm sitting here at work and wondering why is it that Memorial Day has become the 'kick off to the summer season' instead of what it was intended for? The word 'memorial' stems from the word for 'remember.' Let's remember what it is that it was meant for: to memorialize our soldiers past and present.

"I think we all lose sight of what our brave men and women are doing for us, the sacrifices they are making and have made and that they lay their lives on the line every minute of every day for us."

East End real estate may be a very strange business, but not all people in it are.

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