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May 23, 2007


Phoebe (click for larger version)
I have great news. Sweetie will live, I hope in the loving one dog home that she deserves. No other dogs or cats, please. If any dog deserves a chance at a happy life, it's this poor soul. In isolation for something that was an accident. Targeted for death by people out to get her. That Sweetie needs a one-animal home is not unusual, readers.

I'm managing the same situation. My dog Daisy was never socialized as a pup. Sweetie still could be. She's a young dog. But for now, a one-animal home is what she needs. And lots of love. There are a lot of people who went to bat to save her because she's so deserving. I saw more than I want to of the dark side of people in the Sweetie case. The volunteers from RSVP deserve a lot of credit for fighting for her and wanting a better life for dogs at the Riverhead Shelter.

We have Riverhead Town Supervisor Phil Cardinale to thank for sparing Sweetie's life. He wrote me as follows: "The unique facts surrounding 'Sweetie' have been closely and carefully reviewed by me as Supervisor and the full Town Board. It has been decided that 'Sweetie' shall survive." Make no mistake, readers, without his superb leadership, Sweetie would be a sad memory an unlucky dog who never knew a loving home and the pat on the head from a loving hand. Thank you, Supervisor Cardinale, and your Town board members. Stay tuned on what happens to Sweetie next. I'd like to see her with RSVP at the Riverhead Animal Hospital among volunteers she loves until she gets the right home at last.

Now to Phoebe, a young, mid-sized, spayed female black Lab mix. She was surrendered to a local animal shelter when her owner was evicted from his home. The Southold Shelter stepped in and asked RSVP for help. She is now being boarded at the Riverhead Animal Hospital, but needs time to adjust to other animals.

Phoebe is simply terrified because of her unsettled life. Who knows what she went through, but her Lab side and RSVP volunteers will get her through this period until she finds a loving home. It's so sad to see a lovely dog under such stress with this abrupt displacement. Please call RSVP for more information about Phoebe at (617) 728-3524.

I wish I could tell you that Bugsy, the Great Dane mix, Merri, the white Pit mix, King, the Golden Retriever mix, Tiger, the pup who's less than a year old, and Trevor, the Collie mix, were all in happy homes. They're not. In fact, we haven't gotten any calls to see them. Spring is here. It's a great time to volunteer. RSVP needs help badly. Please don't forget these wonderful dogs. Only Kisses has a foster home with Sue Hansen and is thriving with dogs, cats and kids. Kisses, you'll remember, was a junkyard dog living at the end of a short chain until she was rescued by the Humane Society.

All my dogs came from shelters and were facing euthanasia. They all had "issues." I don't regret any of the adoptions of these so-called "unadoptable dogs." There's a very special love these dogs give you. It's almost as if they know you saved their lives. If they have a problem, work on it. Don't kill them. Life is so precious. And their lives are so brief. Too many shelter dogs end up the way Sweetie almost ended up. But she had people who cared. Her first lucky break.

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