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May 16, 2007

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This is an update column on many dogs you care about. First, Sweetie. The dog that RSVP wants to adopt, and according to attorney Steve Morelli and state law, should be able to adopt and take to Riverhead Hospital, not to upstate New York, a ridiculous and unnecessary move that's purely political. Riverhead Town Supervisor Phil Cardinale has been a man of his word. We talked on the radio last week. The 10-day holding period on Sweetie has come and gone, but because of him, she's still alive.

I've been lied to by so many people in authority in Riverhead that I hesitate saying anything more about this case. This I will tell you. The shelter people that spoke to me on the phone misled me about their real intentions. They want Sweetie dead. She was there a year. They don't want a "doggie motel." I call it talking out of both sides of your mouth. Why then did they adopt out this "monster" four times if she was a liability? Four times, that's right. She's not, of course.

Sweetie needs to live in a "one-dog home." That's her only issue — no matter how much negative self-serving nonsense you've read and heard. Shame on these public servants. RSVP, Rex and Connie Farr and Supervisor Cardinale are doing everything they can to resolve this untenable situation. I know Sweetie. She's a great dog that deserves better.

Now, I'm afraid I have more bad news. Bugsy, a handsome young Great Dane Pit mix with no issues — call RSVP — 728-3524was returned. He lived in an office and was friends with the office workers, but having him there became an inconvenience to the owner. RSVP wanted Bugsy in a real home, so in a way it's a blessing in disguise. Bugsy is at Riverhead Hospital and is very depressed. He misses his friends at the office. Please visit him. Thank you volunteer Kelly for being so kind to Bugsy.

Now to Merri, a white small female terrier mix with freckles on her ears. She's housebroken and is very good with people, but hasn't been socialized with other animals. She should be in a one dog home for now, as Sweetie should have been. Merri is a happy dog and just needs someone to love. Like Sweetie and Bugsy, she loves to catch fly balls. The weather is better now. Please volunteer and walk these animals being boarded at the Riverhead Shelter by RSVP.

And now for Tiger, a terrier-shepherd puppy, not even nine months old. His owner lives in Brentwood and is moving away. The East Hampton woman interested in him should call Linda or Frank Mosca at RSVP—728-3524 and see Tiger at Riverhead Hospital as soon as possible. No issues with this puppy, readers, and he's cute and lovable. The owner is leaving in a week. How sad for the pup. Let's get him settled as soon as possible.

Kisses is with Sue Hansen, one of RSVP's most dedicated volunteers, and is doing well. She's in a large family with many animals and people. And Trevor, the red Collie mix, is still at the Riverhead farm and getting a lot of use out of my outdoor pen. Thank you Frank Laccio for working so hard with Trevor. King is King. The Golden Retriever mix is still at Riverhead Hospital, after being left there tied to a doorknob. Aren't people wonderful? Don't forget these wonderful dogs. Visit them. Walk them. They don't ask for anything except for love.

And we just got some good news: Gillian Pultz, executive director of the North Fork Animal Welfare League, just told us that Arrow, a Lab mix, has been adopted. We like to end on a happy note.

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