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May 02, 2007

Shelter Stories

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I have some very good news. And I have some very bad news. That's the way life is, isn't it, readers? Up and down. First, the good news. Jim White, pest control expert who can fix anything, got Trevor's pen back up last week. I couldn't believe it. And Debbie, the groomer, washed Trevor's red Collie mix hair. He looks beautiful but needs a strong owner, obedience lessons that RSVP will provide and lots of socialization. Trevor's a wonderful handful but he's been on the farm too long.

Joe Moore from Hampton Bays donated 50 feet of six-foot cyclone fence for an enclosure for RSVP dogs. Stay tuned. And Jenny, from East Hampton Yacht Company, who's particularly attached to Kisses' fate (she can't adopt her because she has cats that don't like dogs) is offering a special surprise to the person who adopts her. Right now Kisses is living with RSVP "super volunteer" Sue Hansen and her family of kids, cats and dogs. That dog is being socialized. This is what Trevor needs. But neither dog is appropriate for a family with small children because of their strength.

Now for the bad news. Sweetie, the brindle colored, one-and-a-half-year-old Terrier mix, who came from the Riverhead Shelter, is back there again. Nothing that she did, readers. Her new owner decided to get another dog, and Sweetie needs to be "the dog of the house." It's that simple. And it's not unusual. I can't figure out why they adopted poor Sweetie, who arrived at the shelter with her skin literally hanging off her body a year ago and in terrible shape, physically, only to bring another dog into the house. This is a terrible situation. I hope Sweetie can bounce back.

If you can visit her, please call RSVP at 728-3524 and they'll make arrangements. Every abandonment hurts these shelter dogs, readers. Sweetie is healthy but sad, walks well on a leash, obeys commands, loves to play ball, is housebroken and likes children. BUT NOT OTHER ANIMALS IN THE HOUSE. PLEASE. I said that from day one.

And now for the tale of Tiger. Tiger was born last summer. She's a pup. Keith, her owner, who's going off to college and has to give her up, wants you to call him about her. His telephone numbers are 273-4815 or (917) 796-2065. Tiger is housebroken. She's a family pet and likes kids, people, playing games and car rides. Keith is heartbroken, but his mom and dad can't keep her because of their busy lives.

Keith, some tough love: I wish you hadn't adopted Tiger knowing you were going off to school, but I appreciate your efforts to get your dog a good home. With luck, we'll all be able to get Tiger a new home, but dogs and cats are not disposable objects. We hope you do your part. We'll do ours. Good luck, Tiger.

Sweetie, Kisses, Merri, the white Pit mix who loves people but not other animals, and King, the Golden mix, who needs to be king of his home and has to have a strong owner Ė we've had applications on all these dogs, but you have to be very careful. RSVP is. I don't want to write another Sweetie story again. Adoption is a serious responsibility. If you can't adopt, please foster these dogs so they can know what a home is and what's expected of them. How would you like to spend your days in a cage? A dog's life is short and shouldn't be wasted.

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