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April 25, 2007

Shelter Stories

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Do you believe what last week's storm did to my wonderful pen, Trevor's new home? Trevor is the two-year-old Collie mix with long red hair who lives in a horse stall on a farm in Riverhead, his foster home. The White family, Jim and his son Jimmy, and their friend Bob Coco of Coco Construction, gave up a day to carry and assemble my outdoor pen for Trevor. (Jim runs Jim's Busy Bee and is a super pest killer — one of his many talents.) But look what Mother Nature did. Guess she doesn't like dogs.

I'm told that the pen MAY be able to be fixed. To say we're all heartbroken is an understatement. Trevor's so sad. The canvas top generously donated by his foster mother acted as a sail, and away the pen flew. It landed on top of the barn. What a sight that must have been. Jim White is going over this week to do damage control. I'll keep you posted. Poor Trevor.

Readers, we are desperate for someone in the fence business to donate some fencing so we can foster Merri, the white Pit Bull I told you about recently, and King, the Golden Retriever mix, in an outdoor environment as the weather improves. A 30-minute walk once a day is no life. Sadly, it beats what they came from. Don't forget these poor unfortunates. RSVP's number is (631) 728-3524.

Now for some fabulous news. Kisses is now wearing a Top Hat. And she has a wonderful foster home with RSVP volunteer Sue Hansen, complete with two other dogs, three children, ages 8, 9 and 14, and six cats. That's right. six cats. Talk about socialization.

Just as I said last week, Sue introduced Kisses to the family and cats very slowly. Kisses made the adjustment. No problem. No accidents in the house. She walks well in the neighborhood and is an educational experience for those people who believe all Pit Bulls are bad. I know better. I don't know how Kisses learned to be housebroken and to live in her own sunroom with all this life going on around her, but she loves it. I'm so happy for her and her foster family. She is one of the most deserving dogs I know. I couldn't ask for anything better.

Heard some more good news about a blue Pit Bull by the name of Wilma whom I fell in love with at the Southampton Shelter three years ago. Wilma is very pretty and gentle, shy really. But the new Shelter Supervisor Christine Russell worked very hard at getting Wilma adopted. She got a home at last. I hope Wilma's as lucky as Kisses. Where there's life, there's hope. Never give up on these dogs. With publicity, anything can happen. Stay tuned to the saga of the flying pen and Kisses. Good luck, Wilma.

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