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April 11, 2007

Shelter Stories

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Meet Merri, a two-year-old white, female Terrier-Pit-Bull mix with spotted ears. She's small. About 45 pounds. Another poor stray, but for a brief time she had a family who moved away. RSVP stepped in because Merri was such a nice dog.

They are boarding her at their own expense at Riverhead Animal Hospital. Here's the good news. She's housebroken and walks well on a leash. I spent time with her last week and what I liked was her temperament. Mellow. Friendly. She's good with people and other dogs and like many of this breed, loves to play ball. Merri could be a catcher for the Mets. Loves those fly ball challenges. I see no issues here. This is a dog that's sweet and happy, just looking for someone to love and protect.

While I was at the Riverhead Hospital, a lovely young family from Hampton Bays came in and fell in love with Keisha, the reddish colored Terrier-Wolfhound mix I told you about two weeks ago. They are taking her home Easter weekend. Her original owners left town and abandoned Keisha. Animals are not possessions you throw away. There should be a law punishing people who do this. It appears the Keisha story has ended happily.

So has the story about Sweetie, who spent a very long time at the Riverhead Shelter. A man with a lot of land took her home with him. Sweetie deserves some good luck. And so does Duke, the big puppy who came from the Riverhead Shelter and now is at the Kent no-kill shelter. I hear someone is interested in him. What a great pup — a Shepherd mix and ball catcher as well. I hope the adoption happens. Will let you know.

We had a foster person last week for Kisses, the Pit-Boxer mix who spent her short life chained up in a junkyard. RSVP saved her. No issues except cats. But she's strong and needs a lot of exercise. She likes people and children — I would prefer older children because of her strength. We've been very careful on this adoption because of what Kisses has been through.

The Golden Retriever mix King is still at Riverhead but he's a special case and needs an experienced owner who will let King know who's boss. He's doing well in a caged environment because RSVP gets him walked. He has lots of visitors and a staff he's grown to love. I'd still like him to have that perfect home. Someone dog savvy who will make King know who's the "pack leader," as TV's Dog Whisperer says so often on his television program. You'd never have to worry about burglars with King around. The woman who took Kisses to her home is writing a story about what a great dog she is. Her cat though presented a problem. The only problem.

RSVP's number is (631) 728-3524. Come and see Merri soon and please volunteer or foster. In case you're wondering about Trevor, our Collie mix living on the farm in Riverhead. My dog pen now has a cover that was donated to let Trevor enjoy the sunshine even when it gets warm. Coach Frank Iaccio gave up his Easter break to work with Trevor every day. He was groomed by Debby the groomer this week. Thank you again Jim and Jimmy White and Bob Coco for making Trevor's world a better place. This was an example of real giving by members of this community. When I see the awful things that happen to so many dogs I will remember this story and smile.

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