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March 21, 2007

Jerry's Ink


There is no shortage of rats in New York City. Here is a candid shot of me and one of my rat friends just before we went for a bucket of KFC's finger lickin' chicken. I'm the one in front. (click for larger version)
Rats are in these days.

Ever since a bunch of them were spotted and photographed in a combination Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Greenwich Village, you can't turn on your television set without seeing or hearing about that scene over and over and over.

WNBC and Fox are each claiming victory in the rat race.

Both stations showed the rat video enough times to turn everyone's stomach.

It made the national news. CNN, the liberal news network, which can't seem to find its own ass with both hands, ran the story god knows how many times.

A story like this, repeated until America wants to throw up, is God's way of telling us that there are too many news programs and too little news to report every day.

Jay Leno still tells a KFC rat joke every night.

On St. Patrick's Day, Leno joked of the KFC rat being painted green for the holiday.

What is it in our society that we are so amused and entertained by the thought of dozens of disgusting rats scampering over the counter of a fast food restaurant where we eat?

How hungry are these rats that they are willing to eat that greasy KFC chicken night after night after night?

Can't you just see those rats going to their rat doctors and being told that their cholesterol is so high that they have to get on the old treadmill with mice and work out?

Or does the rat doctor advise a rat to stay away from the KFC side of the restaurant and tell them to go for the vegetables on Taco Bell side.

"But stay away from the green onions; they'll give you e-coli" they would warn.

If I had my way the building that held the rats would have been condemned and burned down the day after the rats were spotted.

The health department inspector who gave the restaurant a passing grade a few days before the rat incident should have been fired on the spot.

Change that. He should have been covered with chicken fat, tied down on the counter for the next few nights and the networks could have covered "The Revenge Of The Rats" live. Or would the show be named "LOST in a KFC"?

Speaking of Rats

Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, owns 100 percent of Citgo.

He is spending millions of dollars on a commercial featuring some dupes (or are they good actors) telling us how much they appreciate Citgo heating fuel's charity.

All this tells us is that Citgo is beginning to feel the heat of a nationwide boycott of Citgo. Sales are down. Customers do not want to buy from Chavez. If he hates us he doesn't need our money. His heating fuel ploy is cheap propaganda. Shame on those television stations for accepting his money.

Certainly the advertising agency for Citgo should register as agents' for a foreign power.

Now comes word that Citgo is changing some of its gas stations to PETRO EXPRESS. That's Chavez's oil with another name. Boycott them, too.

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