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March 21, 2007

Shelter Stories

Kisses (click for larger version)

Sweetie (click for larger version)

Trevor (click for larger version)
I am so discouraged. Here our fearless editor Rick Murphy will never play the part of Sampson in the remake of the movie because of the hair he's donating to raise money for our shelter dogs, and I can't get my readers to even foster for a week some of the most needy dogs, who sit and wait. Let's work as a team, readers. We need you to volunteer and walk these poor animals or even sit with them. Fostering, of course, is the best.

First, Kisses, the Pit-Boxer mix, who is about a year old and with no issues at all. As you can see from the picture, she loves to play ball. And Sweetie who has been in a local shelter for far too long. She's two years old and house trained. Sweetie is a 40-pound brindle Terrier mix who has remained stable through adversity. Living in a kennel is pretty boring. That she's able to maintain her good disposition says it all.

Arrow and Nicky are Lab mixes — the most popular breed today. Nicky is not doing well in a kennel surrounding and cries a lot. He worries me more than Arrow whose stable Lab temperament is getting him through it all. Next week, we'll talk again about Summer, the Beagle mix, a sweetheart, and stout hearted King, the Golden mix, who like Arrow, has kept his heartache inside and rolled with the punches.

Then there's Trevor, the Collie mix we can't seem to place. He's black with white and tan markings and weighs about 50 pounds. Trevor is two years old. More about the four cats next week, too. Please call RSVP for further information at (631) 728-3524.

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