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March 14, 2007

Shelter Stories

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A woman dies leaving behind four lovely, long-haired cats that lived in a loving home all their lives. What happens to the cats now? Ellen Berger was kind enough last summer to bring them to her home where they live in a very large cage—8 by 8 by 6. These cats were lucky. You must have a will and make arrangements for your pets. Otherwise, they are euthanized or let loose to fend for themselves — which they're not prepared to do. I will always remember an Australian Shepherd, Amanda, that was euthanized at a shelter because she was not fortunate enough to get a home after her owner died. I wish I could forget the faces of all those adoptable dogs and cats who were killed. They haunt me. We need more Ellen Bergers and Pat Lillis's, founder of Elsa's Arc, who has a houseful of adoptable cats. A saint, this woman.

We have two boys, Bright and Early, and two girls, a gray tiger cat with white feet by the name of Sneakers and Junie Moon, beautiful black cat. They've always been together and Ms. Berger would prefer to keep it that way. She spoke with RSVP and they referred her to me. You can deal with Ms. Berger directly. Her phone number is 631-722-3204. Her e-mail is ellen The only other cat I wrote about was Holly, who got a wonderful home. Here's hoping we can help Bright, Early, Sneakers and Junie Moon.

Sweetie is still at the Riverhead Shelter. What a great terrier mix she is. She and Kisses, the Pit-Boxer Mix, a young beauty, are still available, as is Trevor, the Collie mix who lives on a farm. Some people are expected to see the Lab mix Arrow, another great guy I featured two weeks ago. Labs are the number one dog in national popularity right now. Please call RSVP at 728-3524 about all these dogs. King, the Golden Retriever mix, who was abandoned at Riverhead Hospital, is still there. He needs a strong master. King is an alpha male and has a strong will. He needs someone special who can manage a strong- willed dog so King knows who's boss. The volunteers and staff at Riverhead Hospital love him. Go see him at least.

Remember Sheba? She has her own home, at last. Sometimes it just takes time. Please read editor Rick Murphy's column on page B-3 and see how much money he's raised for RSVP. Samson he won't be when his campaign to help the animals is over. But I can't wait to see his bald head.

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