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March 07, 2007

Shelter Stories

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Let's get Nicky a new home fast. This neutered male, tan and white, has always lived in a a home. He's a six-year old lab mix and weighs 73 pounds. The family who owned Nicky couldn't pay for some medical attention that he needed, so RSVP was happy to take him. He's fine now — and housebroken, of course. (He doesn't want to mess his kennel.) Unfortunately, Nicky is very sad. Unfamiliar surroundings. New People. Where's his family? You can see it in his eyes. The sense of bewilderment and loss. I just don't know how people can do this to a member of the family. He's lost interest in toys and treats and he has tear streaks under his eyes. My heart just breaks seeing the pain of abandonment that he's enduring. Nicky doesn't understand why his world is upside down.

The volunteers at RSVP have been wonderful with him as has the staff of Riverhead Hospital. But I have a sense of urgency about his plight. A peaceful foster home to get him through this period would be a blessing. His prior owner had another dog so he gets along with dogs, but I'd keep his life as simple as possible. Consider the stress he's going through.

And please remember Sweetie, the Terrier mix, at Riverhead Shelter. A wonderful dog. The only one there, I understand. And Kisses who's being boarded at Riverhead Hospital by RSVP. We received more calls about her, but people with cats and dogs keep offering to help. Bless them for their interest, but for now Kisses needs an only dog home. A foster family, if possible, with a backyard. Trevor, the Shepherd mix, is still at the farm. I'll be glad to see this winter over so the dogs can enjoy sunshine again and socialize more. And don't forget Arrow, that Lab mix I told you about two weeks ago. A man called about him and is going to see him next week. He's a fine dog. Labs are wonderful. I hate to see them in kennels. They're family dogs. By the way, remember Bugsy, the Great Dane mix? He's enjoying the good life and, to our surprise, gets along with other dogs, which he didn't seem to be able to do at the Riverhead Shelter. Shelter dogs change when they have a real home and socialization. All the Pit Bull adoptions are going well. And we've had a lot of them.

You can reach RSVP at 631-728-3524. And thank you Rick Murphy, Indy editor, for your lovely story about the organization. See Rick's column on page B-3 for more ways to help dogs in need.

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