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February 28, 2007

Shelter Stories

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Kisses is a one and half year old spayed Boxer mix, brindle in color, about 55 pounds. She's my special dog as you've probably noticed, and we need a foster home for her very badly. It breaks my heart that we can't get her settled permanently, but she needs to be the only animal in the house because of her high spirits.

And because Kisses is strong, a home with small children would not be an ideal situation, although she loves children. (That reduces the number of people who might want her right away, unfortunately.)

I've never done this before but I'll personally provide food and help to whoever will help her — even for a short time. Kisses has had such a hard, lonely life. Rescued by the police and the Humane Society after being tied to a tree on a short chain in a junkyard, she had no human companionship except for someone who gave her food occasionally. Can you imagine how awful that was for her?

RSVP adopted Kisses and she's been at Riverhead Hospital getting wonderful medical care and some weight back on. A foster home with a fenced in yard would be heaven. Despite what she's been through, Kisses is always good-natured as her name indicates. Heaven for her is sitting beside you, leaning up against your leg and relaxing. But first, she loves to run and fetch and practice her commands. Sit. Stay. Come. Kisses is very smart. Best of all, she has not shown any aggression to other dogs at Riverhead Hospital and is not possessive of toys, food or territory.

I'd take her myself but I have three shelter dogs, only one of whom would tolerate a newcomer. None of these dogs has what Kisses has. A sweet, stable personality. I've seen no "issues" with her at all. (My three are something else. Only "Mr. Ben," who passed away Jan. 8, could keep them under control.) Please call RSVP at (631) 728-3524 if you will foster Kisses at no cost to you — except having to see me occasionally. I'll keep my monster pets at home. They make Marley, the Lab from the wonderful book Marley and Me, seem tranquil by comparison.

St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, got Kisses this far. Now it's up to you.

Please read "Low Tidings" on page B-3 to learn how you can help us save more dogs and get some great publicity for your generosity as well.

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