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February 21, 2007

Shelter Stories

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I usually end with good news but this news is so good I couldn't wait. Both Elvis, last week's dog, a Beagle, and Polar, a white Pit Bull, featured in this column three weeks ago, now have homes. I'm overjoyed. As people are finding out, there are some wonderful Pit Bulls out there in shelters all across this country. It's a canine tragedy that people are so intimidated by negative media campaigns against the breed — a dog that once was the poster dog of World War II.

Now let me tell you about Arrow. He's been at the North Fork Animal League in Southold for over a year and no one can figure out why. Arrow is a 60-pound Labrador Retriever mix, about two years old. He loves to run around his exercise pen and play fetch. Ever met a Lab who didn't? Arrow's a great running partner and walks well on a leash. He behaved wonderfully in a foster home — hard to find foster homes as you know. And he's housebroken.

Arrow is a little big for small children and doesn't like cats. (None of my dogs do either so don't hold that against him.) Older children would be better for him. Arrow had all his shots and is neutered. Ready to walk out the door, readers. I know it's cold out there but please come see him. He needs a real home badly.

Please call RSVP at (631) 728-3524 or (631) 765-1811.

And don't forget Kisses and Sweetie. More about what's been happening to the dogs still waiting, next week.

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