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February 07, 2007

Shelter Stories

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I don't know how dogs can be so resilient, but sometimes people have to turn them in because their personal circumstances change. The dog has to start a new life, not easy. They're not disposable objects without feelings after all.

Elvis just went through this experience. He's a pure bred Beagle, an adorable neutered 7-year-old with absolutely no issues — great with children, dogs and even cats, a real home dog. Elvis is happy just to sit at your feet. He's very calm and gentle, and like so many small dogs, rolls over for tummy rubs. (Actually the big guys love tummy rubs, too.)

Elvis crates well, too, but prefers being with people and having the run of the house, his castle, that he will take care of with reverence. Elvis is currently in a temporary foster home. I hope someone gives him a permanent home soon. What a great dog. Don't you love his name and look at that face?

Good news. The Ridgeback mix from the Riverhead shelter, Lady, was adopted. Unlike Elvis, she needed to be in a one-dog home. Same with Sweetie. We also got a call on Polar, the small pure white Pit . Someone is coming this week to see him. And a man is very interested in Sheba.

I remain terribly worried about Kisses, the Boxer mix, and Bugsy, the Great Dane mix. No issues with either dog, but they're in the 50 pound weight area — more dog to handle but great dogs. I recommend working with them. Get training tips from R.S.V.P. They'll help you. We've seen how well Kisses and Bugsy have done because of volunteer Frank Iaccio, a no-nonsense football coach who takes the time to aggressively work with these dogs on walking and obedience three days a week. He's away now for two months and R.S.V.P. needs volunteers badly.

Please call them at (631) 728-3524 about dogs you will want to see: Elvis, King, the Golden Retriever, Summer, Trevor, Kisses and Bugsy, of course. And don't forget Sweetie.

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