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January 17, 2007

School Days

Springs School

The culmination of five months work is about to be presented to the community. The Shooting for the Stars Opera Company will be presenting their opera to the school and community at the end of this month. All cast members and staff coordinators are very excited.

Last week the Academic Enrichment Program held a debate on junk food.

Vocal music teacher Margaret Thompson has chosen the students to participate in the Hamptons Music Educators Association annual festival. This program melds chosen students from various schools on the East End to perform together. The chosen students are Chelsea Walker, Kyle Flannery, Skyler Conklin, Julia Latham, Daniela Lupercio, and Connor Johnson.

Sixth grade teacher Mike Joseph has informed the students that he will be back on January 29. Scott Smith, a Springs School Graduate and substitute teacher, has been filling in for him.

The students just received the fifth grade 2006 Social Studies results for this past November. Over 97 percent scored at levels three and four. Mr. Casale said congratulations to the staff and students for their hard work and dedication. Students thanked Mrs. Tully, Mrs. Cleary and Mrs. Frazier for helping them get the high scores.

Plans are under way for the 2nd Annual Health Fair. According to Andrea Vargas, health teacher, it is a melding of community health professionals and service providers along with students who are presenting their culminating projects.

Jim Bynes from the "Make a Wish Foundation" will be meeting with the Friends of Rachel committee (F.O.R). He will do an overview of the program. In January and February the committee will be selling stars to raise money so that wishes can be fulfilled.

In the computer program fifth graders are learning Internet safety. Their teacher William Hallman said the computer users of today have to keep themselves safe from predators and con artists. The class watched two videos, one on cyber-bullying. The class is also improving their speed and accuracy on the skill of typing.

Ross School

Last Friday, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., students in grades K-12 heard local professor and author Bob Zellner speak about his experiences during the Civil Rights movement and their relevance today. Three separate assemblies (lower, middle and upper school) were held so that Mr. Zellner could engage with each age group. In addition, students will be talking about Dr. King and other heroes in their classes.

In Cultural History, the seventh grade is studying Ashoka, the famous King of the Mauyran Empire of ancient India. He was a ruler that started his reign with military ambitions and went to war with surrounding areas, leading battles where hundreds of thousands were killed. He then converted to Buddhism, and dramatically changed his style of government. He promoted religious tolerance and spread his message through ministers and monuments.

Twelfth graders are in the process of sharing their just completed senior projects this week. Temidra Willock presented her fashion runway show Saturday, presenting over 80 outfits she designed and created. Tomorrow, from 5 to 8 p.m., an opening reception will be held for the Ross Senior Project Exhibition. This is the culmination of a half school year long focus in a chosen field of study; these projects explore a range of themes and disciplines.

The exhibition takes place in the Ross Art Gallery and in the Ross Senior Building. On Friday, Senior Project Performances will take place in the Senior Lecture Hall from 7 to 9 p.m. Senior Project Films will be screened in the lecture hall on Saturday. For more info, call Jen Cross at 907-5238.

Eighth graders Isabella Fantini, J. Abraham Johnson, Noah Engel and ninth grader Carlotta Kohl were nominated to the attend the National Young Leaders State Conference. They traveled to Albany last Thursday and participated in the New York regional conference.

Wainscott School

The students presented their creative writing pieces to their classmates. The students also presented their science structure projects. The students spoke extemporaneously using their public speaking skills about their building projects. They had to use recyclable materials to build their structures. In music the students are working on learning songs on their recorders for the Spring show. The student's Mexican paper mache sculptures are on display at Guild Hall. The students have started taking tennis lessons once a week as part of their physical education class. The children are still collecting contributions for their annual trip to ARF which will take place next Tuesday.

CDCH Preschool

The children are learning about the important message Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us all about equality and the appreciation and celebration of our similarities as well as our differences. The children are performing The Butterfly, a play about butterflies of different colors that learn some important lessons about fairness and friendship.

Karen Schroeter's Lion class enjoyed learning about hibernation. They read The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman and made their very own brown bears.

Jessica Hetman's Giraffe class had lots of fun with literature this week. The children listened to the story, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. They made their own wild things as part of their recreation of the story in a mural for the hallway.

The giant snowman made of paper chains that is decorating our hallway was made by the children of Danielle Christiansen's Elephant class. They can hardly wait for the first real snow so they can make real snowmen and snow angels. For now the children had fun with snow they made from a mixture of glue and shaving cream. They topped off the week by reading and recalling the events in the story The Biggest Best Snowman by Margery Cutler.

Michelle Lusty's Tiger class did snow writing using salt and glue on their letters. They traced their hands to make big fat hens after they read The Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker. They enjoyed finding rhyming words and were finding rhymes for everything by the end of the day!

CDCH Preschool PTO meeting will be held tomorrow at 7 p.m. The topic of discussion will include health, safety and nutrition in the preschool classroom. Parent representative nominations for the Preschool's Board of Trustees will also be discussed.

CDCH Charter School

The CDCH Charter School is honored to have their "Pyramid" art project selected for Guild Hall's "Student Art Festival" this year! The exhibit will run through February 4 at Guild Hall on Main Street in East Hampton. Each component of the piece was created by a different grade resulting in the final masterpiece! Many thanks to CDCH art teacher Karyn Mannix for the inspiration and installation!

Anna Gullo's kindergarten class spent the week creating a special quilt depicting all the rules involved with having a safe playground. The quilt will be on display by the middle school's lockers. The class also continues to learn about our community's workers and wrote stories about many of them including the police, firefighters, dentists and doctors.

Victoria Babinski's second grade has been learning about simple machines this week and how they can make our lives easier at home.

Projects and lessons occurred school-wide this week to honor the lessons and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The CDCH Charter School PTO will hold their January meeting tonight. Call the school for the time.

Hampton Bays School

Have you ever imagined your face on a Wheaties box like many famous athletes? If you are a student at the Hampton Bays Secondary School the opportunity isn't too far out of reach.

Twice a year the High School Student Council holds a program known as Breakfast of Champions, where a select group of students are honored for their exemplary character and conduct. Each honoree was nominated and selected by administration and faculty who have worked closely with these students who possess the positive qualities that help to benefit the school community.

Joined by their parents and faculty, students received praise for being an essential component to the school environment. Each student accepted certificates, a picture of their face on a Wheaties box and a t-shirt as recognition of a job well done. Congratulations to all the students for their hard work.

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