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January 17, 2007

Shelter Stories

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I took a trip to the Riverhead Animal Shelter and saw Duke for myself. He's a neutered one-year old male with short hair — a brindle colored Shepherd mix who weighs about 60 pounds. Duke is a big silly puppy who puts people off because he's a kid and very bright and energetic. Don't be put off by him. Duke just needs someone to settle him down.

He loves to play fetch, being chased and has lots of energy. After Duke tires himself out, it's belly rub time — something he loves and expects. Duke also loves toys. He's not possessive about them, which my Golden Retriever Mishka is. Lots of shelter dogs have possession problems so this is a big plus for Duke. (I still have trouble with Mishka about giving up objects he likes. He recently stole a toy from the groomer at Classie Canine.) Duke fetches and gives up the treasure for more fun and games.

What I like about him is he trains well and wants to please. This guy is a fun pup who needs a home. Because he's a stray, he's had a hard time finding the right home. I would recommend a home with older children. And a yard would be heaven.

Duke gets along very well with some dogs.

Good news. Our dog of two weeks ago, Lady, the Rhodesian Ridgeback-Pit mix, has been adopted. The new owner also adopted Sport and another Pit. (I wish he had room for Kisses and Bugsy, who appeared in the same column.) My positive article about Pits helped, I think. A friend of mine who just lost her husband is also looking for a Pit puppy. She never considered it until I wrote about this much maligned and highly intelligent breed. Thank you, readers.

Some bad news. My "Mr. Ben" died on Jan. 8. He was 20 years old. I will always miss this wonderful dog who made my mother's last years so happy. Ben was a Terrier mix. Don't put down mutts. What a guy he was. He trained Mishka, Jenny and my other dogs whom he outlived. The mailman loved to see "Mr. Ben" each day. He tried to race alongside the truck and was a formidable adversary. If there's a doggie heaven, Ben's the leader of the pack now.

Please call R.S.V.P. for information about Duke at 728-3524.

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