January 10, 2007

Shelter Stories

Parto (click for larger version)

What do we have here? A pure bred black Lab by the name of Parto. She's spayed, weighs about 50 pounds and is seven years old. Doesn't she remind you of that great black Lab Spades, who R.S.V.P. got a lovely home? You don't see many like her available for adoption.

Parto was surrendered to the Riverhead Animal Shelter. A volunteer fell in love with her and took her home. She's being fostered there. The volunteer has other dogs and can't keep her permanently, but it's a perfect transition home.

Parto's original family had her since she was a puppy. They were heartbroken when their three-year-old developed allergies. The family even tried expensive allergy shots for the child but, sadly, they didn't work.

Parto is housebroken, trained and knows all the basic commands. She gets along with everyone — kids, dogs, cats and adults. I saw this dog myself when I was visiting the shelter and knew someone would want her. She's a gem. Please call R.S.V.P. for more information at (631) 728-3524.

Update on my "Mr. Ben." He made it through the New Year. Loves this world too much to leave it. I'm trying to brace myself for the inevitable. He's almost 20 years old, after all. I'm sure that has to be some kind of record for a Terrier mix. Readers, any of you know a dog older than "Mr. Ben"? Please let me know.

There's something wonderful about mixed breeds. I get upset when people put them down as "mongrels." Ben's never been any trouble, ever, and he kept my mother happy the last seven years of her life. In fact, I think he kept her alive. He brought her so much pleasure.

Dr. Jonathan Turetsky of East Hampton is still working his medical magic on "Mr. Ben." We're going one day at a time. As I said before, there won't be a happy ending, but we owe it to our dogs to make them comfortable until the end. Still, don't keep them alive when it's their time to go. You always know when.

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