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January 03, 2007

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Some Holiday Reminders

First, a major apology to my readers and the dogs and cats I tell you about each week. For the past month, my first shelter dog, "Mr. Ben," has been dying of kidney failure. He was a companion dog for my mother from 1992 to 1997. "Mr. Ben" reached the grand old age of 20. I adopted him in 1992, right before he was to be euthanized for being shy and hiding in the back of his cage. Awful reason to kill an adoptable dog, but it happens too frequently. So, I've had things on my mind. And somehow I've been putting the wrong area code in The Independent for R.S.V.P.

Their number is (631) 728-3524. That's 631, readers. Where I got the other area code from, I'll never know, but "Mr. Ben" has been a daily worry. And there will be no happy ending. I hope you'll all forgive me. If you've ever lost an animal that's been with you for so many years, you'll understand why I've been distracted.

Nevertheless, I did some wonderful dogs a disservice by my error: Bugsy, a Pit mix, who's at the Riverhead Shelter needs a home badly, as do Lady and Sweetie. Great dogs. But despite my mistake, the column got homes for the wonderful Pits, Sport and Christie. They also were at Riverhead Shelter. Readers read the column and found R.S.V.P. on their own.

Senior citizens Pooh and Tigger, a great Lab mix, Spades, and Poopsie all are in their own homes this Christmas as is Snooper, a senior dog who also came from the Riverhead Shelter. Lots of nice dogs over there. To keep it simple, you can call R.S.V.P. about Riverhead's dogs. (631) 728-3524.

Other R.S.V.P. adoptions that clicked were the cat Holly, and the following dogs: Dutch, the Pit, Baby, Kerri-Bear, Scoobie and Jillian.

Now, the sad part. Here are the dogs still waiting, spending Christmas without a home — soon I'll show you their pictures again: The Golden, King, Sheba, Sweetie, Lady, Bugsy, Kisses, Summer, Trevor, the Shepherd Collie mix, Teddy, the cocker spaniel, with treatable health problems and a wonderful purebred Beagle — a newcomer. Please speak to R.S.V.P. about him.

A final note. Please don't buy a pet as a Christmas present. Too many end up in shelters when the novelty wears off. They're not toys. You must be willing to make a serious commitment. Remember, you are all they have. Please continue to remember the animals this holiday season. And don't leave them out in the cold weather because you don't want them in the house.

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