December 27, 2006

Cops Raid Alleged Springs House Of Prostitution

Hookers in the Hamptons? You Betcha. What's next, gambling and drugs?

The men arrived in the early afternoon. They parked in the yard and entered the house through the back door to keep neighbors from discerning what was going on inside the home on Barry Lane in Springs. It was sex for sale and according to police, women in the alleged Bonac brothel charged between $30 and $60 per visit and saw dozens of johns each night.

Last Friday cops raided what they say is the first brothel busted in East Hampton history. They arrested the brother-sister team they say ran the place, two working women and three johns. Only Edebrany Moreno and her brother Jose, both residents of the house, were charged with felonies — promoting prostitution, conspiracy and criminal nuisance. Three local men, their ages ranging from 22 to 31 with addresses in Springs, Southampton and Bridgehampton, face charges of fourth degree patronizing a prostitute. The women, one 40 and the other 39 from Jackson Heights and Forest Hills, were booked for prostitution. All five were arraigned over the weekend and remanded to Suffolk County jail in lieu of bail.

According to EHTPD spokesman Detective Sergeant Chris Anderson, the back door gambit did not successfully hide activity at the house from neighbors. An investigation began in response to community complaints of excessive foot and vehicular traffic to the locale. Although police had received "vague" tips relating to illegal activity by the Morenos, "the keepers of the brothel," for close to two years, Anderson reported the raid was executed following a month of surveillance. The three johns were arrested at different locations after they'd left the alleged house of ill repute.

Anderson believes the two women cuffed Friday night were among a variety of prostitutes the Morenos brought out from Queens. The arrestees had only been in East Hampton "a few short days," he said. During the raid cops seized several thousand dollars in cash, business records and "other paraphernalia related to prostitution," Anderson said. Noting the unusual nature of the collar, the spokesman, and 18-year veteran on the force, concluded, "To the best of my recollection, this is the first house of prostitution to be raided within the Town of East Hampton boundaries."

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