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December 20, 2006

Independent Almanac

An Extra-Warm Month

November has left us with daytime temperatures in the sixties. Throughout this month it has been unusually warm. One-third of the month had daytime temperatures of 60 degrees or higher, and our first killing frost came very late.

Even nighttime lows were mild compared to an average November. Is this just a mild November or a forerunner of our weather-to-be with global warming?

Rainfall was well above the average for November. This was no doubt due to the easterly wind direction for half our days. We have had no severe gales or snowflakes in the air!

All fall crops are now in, except some turnips and brussels sprouts, which can stand more severe weather than we have had during the past 30 days.

High temperatures were in the 60s on 11 days. Highest was 68į on the first. Nighttime lows were far warmer than average, and our first killing frost came very late this year, on the 26th. The low for this month was 28 degrees on the 5th.

Rainfall was nearly two inches above normal at 5.22 inches. Our long-term average for November is 4.31 inches. Late season crops matured well with brussels sprouts and turnips still being harvested. Late planting of cover crops are doing excellently and the Canada Geese are having a feast!

Wind direction was truly varied; the greatest was from an easterly direction. Recorded were seven clear, 10 partly cloudy and 13 cloudy days.

When will the first flakes float by? I wouldn't be surprised if we've seen a few by the time you read this, but my prediction is for a very mild winter. High tides and severe coastal erosion will continue nonetheless.

A white Christmas doesn't look too likely, but we've been surprised before!

This observer would like to wish a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year to all!

U.S. Cooperative Weather Observer

Bridgehampton, LI, New York

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