December 20, 2006

And To All A Good Year

This will be our last regular issue of the year, but by no means our last issue. Next Wednesday, the annual "Best Of" Independent, featuring scores of our best articles, photos, columns, letters, and features from the past year, will hit the newsstands. Grab it fast — last year's edition disappeared quickly.

Please note our offices will be closed from Friday to next Wednesday. We'll be back on the job Thursday, December 28th bright and early.

As we do each year, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, the readers, and our terrific advertisers, for making it possible to produce the East End's most popular newspaper free-of-charge.

It's humbling to all of us how the community has embraced The Independent, how we consistently increase ad revenue and readership. It's important not just because we are a business, but because we are true locals — most of the principal owners and full-time employees are the finest kind, born and raised here. We enjoy poking fun and getting laughs. Given the plodding, self-important, deathly serious tone of our competitors, God knows someone has to lighten things up! But one thing we do take very seriously is our obligation to the people who live on the East End.

When it comes to rooting out corruption and safe-guarding the purse strings of our hard-working families, rest assured we will continue to work tirelessly on your behalf. Wasteful spending will be exposed whenever and wherever we find it, because it takes dollars out of your pockets. Above all else, that is the mission of The Independent.

Please be safe and warm this holiday season, and say a prayer for those who are in the Armed Forces and can't be with their loved ones.

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