December 20, 2006

Shelter Stories

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If ever this cute Cocker Spaniel needed a Good Samaritan it's now. Teddy is an 8-year-old neutered male that RSVP first met during a heat wave last summer. The organization went the mile for Teddy because he's so special.

Temperatures were going above 100. The street was so hot his tiny feet were burning. Although Teddy had a doghouse, there was no relief there from the sweltering heat. He was tied to it. There was no way he could move to a cool spot. He looked older than his years and was overweight from never getting exercise.

RSVP convinced the owners to let Teddy stay at the Riverhead Animal Hospital until the heat wave broke. So there he stayed in the comfort of an air-conditioned facility — heaven for this poor dog who had no life, just an existence without love and attention like too many others you've met through "Shelter Stories."

RSVP had to return Teddy to his home, but the owners decided to give him to the organization for adoption. A lucky break for this poor little guy at long last. Teddy needed a lot of medical attention because his health had been totally neglected. He was treated for his eyes, which were constantly running. They're fine now as you can see.

Teddy panted and wheezed like an old man because of lack of exercise. With the help of RSVP volunteers and daily walks along the Peconic River, Teddy lost 10 pounds. I walked him myself and couldn't believe this was the Teddy I had heard about. He walked like an exuberant happy puppy.

More good things about Teddy. He's docile, gentle and content to rest quietly or go for walks. Teddy also rides well in cars and is good with everyone — children, dogs and cats. But there is one problem that's under control. Teddy has Cushing's Disease. His body produces excess hormones from the adrenal glands. If he's taken care of, he will enjoy a normal life span and quality of life. Consider that in just a few months his entire life has turned around.

But Teddy needs a special owner. No more life tied to a doghouse, winter and summer. Please give Teddy that home he's never had. Call RSVP and see him: (617) 728-3524. They'll tell you all about his medical condition. What a survivor. He's a purebred Cocker Spaniel and couldn't be cuter and healthier now. That's what loving care will do, readers.

I promise to bring you up to date next week on the Pit mixes that aren't given a chance because of their breed: Kisses, Bugsy, Sweetie, Sport and Lady and then there's the Shepherd mix Trevor, and Summer, Sheba and King.

Unless we have a Christmas miracle, they won't have homes by December 25 but I hope they'll have you readers thinking of them. Do a good deed for these needy animals. Visit them. You'll be rewarded by one of those special saints who protect animals, St. Anthony and St. Francis.

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