December 20, 2006

Hamptons Daze

Christmas Party

One thing we absolutely love about Christmas is the free dinner and drinks that are provided at work Christmas parties. The Independent hooked up their employees with a delicious dinner and open bar at Della Femina Restaurant as they do every year.

This is Jameson's first party with them and she is pleasantly surprised with the amazing lemon drop martinis and the hanger steak she devours. Veronica orders a Mojito and realizes it is the best she's had in her life.

As we sit down at the "kids table" (the youngest employees at Indy) we discuss how funny it is that most of us still have to sit at the kids' table at family functions such as Thanksgiving.

As we are discussing this, our waiter greets us. Jameson almost laughs out loud when she realizes that our waiter was none other than "Little Mr. Sunshine" (a guy that Jameson briefly saw a few months back). He was very good at doing his polite 'waiterly' thing and as dinner went on and Jameson gets a little more tipsy she said to him, "oh yeah, Little Mr. Sunshine, you left your belt at our house." Little Mr. Sunshine turned bright red and Veronica cracked up. "I was wondering where that went, I'll have to stop by and pick it up sometime."

After dinner we decide to visit our old stomping ground, The Stephen Talkhouse, and continue our night of fun. While taking shots with our old favorite bartenders one decided to give us a riddle, "What do Superman, Moses and Cabbage Patch Kids all have in common?" Now if you know this riddle master bartender, then you know that the first one to get it right gets you a drink on the house.

As we all scramble to rack our brains Jameson yells out "I know!! They are all susceptible to E coli!" The bartender cracks up, this obviously not being the right answer. "They are all adopted!" says one of our friends eventually, getting us all a round of free shots.

After the shots start to kick in we leave the bar and go into the back room to play some pool (like we were in any state to hustle). "You girls want to play?" asked possibly the hottest man alive. "Hell yeah, we want to play!" We introduce ourselves to "Hot Boy." He doesn't know us, but we have known "Hot Boy" for quite some time.

"I remember you from high school," says Jameson.

"Didn't you used to lifeguard at Indian Wells?" asks Veronica. Immediately we both feel like stalkers since this boy ("Hot Boy") has no recollection of who we are.

We play pool and lose miserably. Probably because we're both too preoccupied with trying to stare longingly into "Hot Boy's" pretty blue eyes. Shortly after we head back to the bar. "OH MY GOD!" yells Jameson. "I used to have the biggest crush on him in high school."

"ME TOO!" yells Veronica. "He used to lifeguard at Indian Wells, my friends and I would stalk him when we were 11 years old! When we'd be playing in the sand, playing chicken, or building sandcastles, we had a code. We'd yell 'THE RED SHORTS ARE COMING! THE RED SHORTS ARE COMING!' whenever he was close, then we'd stop acting like children and try to act sexy!"

As we are having this very loud conversation we realize that he has come in from the back room and is standing right behind us. There is no way he doesn't hear us gushing. He pretends not to notice and we pretend nothing happened. Oh well, we bet "Hot Boy" gets that a lot.

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