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December 13, 2006

On The Beat

So, This Is DWI

John P. Lennon, of Montauk, was charged with felony DWI last week. He's accused of driving drunk on Soundview Drive near Kirk Avenue on the evening of December 4. According to the police report, Lennon failed to signal a turn, prompting the traffic stop. Felony level DWI is charged if a suspect has had an alcohol-related conviction any time during the prior decade.

Misdemeanor drunk driving charges were lodged by EHTPD against an additional trio of toasted travelers. They include a Springs souse stopped for swerving on Three Mile Harbor Road just before sunrise vespers Sunday morning, an East Hampton inebriate cuffed on Pantigo Road on Saturday night, and a second snockered Springs driver seen speeding on Harrison Avenue on December 4.

Also suffering from bad car-ma is an Eastport man. He was charged with offering a false written statement. From the looks of the police report, he reported his Hummer had been stolen when it actually had merely gotten stuck on a beach.

In Southampton, town cops assisted Westhampton Beach counterparts with a raid at a home on Old Country Road in East Quogue last Friday. Three stolen laptop computers and a small quantity of cocaine were recovered from the residence. Christopher M. McGowan, 30, who lives at the scene, was charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property. He also faces a misdemeanor count of criminal possession of a controlled substance, as do two companions — a 28-year-old male who shares the residence and a 28-year-old woman from East Moriches.

Mischief Maker Booked

Crime seemed to take a holiday in most police jurisdictions last week. In East Hampton, just two reports of unruly suspects. A Springs man was charged with criminal mischief last Thursday. Cops say he bashed an area driver's car with a pipe, "causing a large dent." The incident took place on the Louse Point Road beach.

A verbal dispute on Garbis Lane in East Hampton sent a resident there to the lock-up last Thursday. He's charged with second-degree harassment.

Check Cadged

A Montauk man told cops he gave a guy a ride to Rip City in October and the rider ripped him off. He'd left a check for $400 with the "Pay To" section blank on the seat of the truck. When his bank statement arrived, he realized the hitchhiker took the check, put in his own name (real smart) and cashed it.

Other larcenies under investigation by EHTPD include the theft of a weedwacker from a garage on Muir Boulevard and outdoor chairs swiped from a yard on South Delrey Road, Montauk.

Rounding Up the Usual Suspects:

BAD TIME TOWING: A truck towing a car from an accident sideswiped the police car attending to the MVA last Friday. Way to generate extra business!

A STICKY SITUATION: Someone sprayed an adhesive substance on all the doors and six windows of a house in Montauk, police learned this week. The substance hardened rendering all the locks inoperable. Editor Murphy uses the same strategy to keep guests from fleeing his holiday dinner parties.

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