December 13, 2006

School Days

Springs School

The Springs School Band had a very busy weekend. Last Saturday the band marched in the Santa Parade in East Hampton Village under the guidance of Benjamin Jones, Instrumental Music teacher. On Sunday they performed for the SIS "Lights of Love" ceremony at Ashawagh Hall.

State testing has affected the lives of children in many ways. Students talk about "Mock ELAs, DBQs and test prep." This is a student's interpretation of the recent testing. Students have just taken the mock ELAs to prepare for the real ELAs. The ELAs are an English Language Arts test, which test your reading and answering ability. These tests are to see how well they learn and how well the school is teaching them.

On Friday, Student Council will hold its first dance from 6 to 9 p.m. For $5, students have a DJ, food and beverage. It is only open to Springs Students. The dance will take place in the gym.

Two teachers in the eighth grade worked collaboratively to demonstrate to their students how technology and the Industrial Revolution effected history. Social studies teacher Katie Farmer taught lessons on the Industrial Revolution and some of America's first industrialists such as J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford.

In technology education, Frank Cole rearranged the technology lab to resemble Ford's moving assembly line in Highland Park, Michigan. He did it by having students craft wooden signs indicating the various stations they would be assigned. The classes simulated conveyor belt movement by using a number of the school's video carts.

The sixth grade teachers are focusing on getting their students to use their knowledge through study skills, riddles and verbal agility.

The Current Events Test is a four times a year challenge given to Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) students to test their knowledge on events happening around the world. The students with the most points by the end of the school year are given a trophy. So far this year, Lily Goldman has the most points (24), with Megan McCaffrey second (18) and Andrew Silipo (17) third in the fifth grade. In the sixth grade, Daniel Tapia leads (25), with Elias Van Sickle (21) right on his tail. Third is Rebecca King (20). Daniel also won the competition last year, while Holly Barrett and Caoimhe McKeon tied for the award.

Ross School

Ross School is delighted to announce that this year's Fourth Annual Starlight Ball, held December 2, was attended by a sold-out audience of 440 Ross School parents, friends and supporters from the community and New York metropolitan area. It raised $600,000 for The Steven J. Ross Scholarship Fund, which currently enables 46% of Ross School's student body to receive a world-class learning experience regardless of financial circumstances.

Environmental activist and Ross parent Christie Brinkley was honored at the event for her long-standing generosity and commitment to Ross School with a named Scholarship, The Christie Scholar, which was granted to eighth grade Ross student Trevor Green.

A highlight of the evening was the dynamic performance of Alexa Ray Joel, Christie Brinkley's very talented daughter, dubbed the "Soulful Songstress." Eliza Osborne, Vice President at Sotheby's New York, also donated her time to serve as auctioneer for the benefit's successful live auction. Award-winning comedian Angela LaGreca was emcee for the evening.

The theme and decor of the evening was designed by Ross parent and artist Brian Leaver. Ross High School students Catherine Toscano and Danielle Aceti Gingerich participated in the Starlight Ball's Live Auction by modeling two designs by award-winning clothing designer and Ross parent Liliana Casabal, owner of Morgane Le Fay in New York and Los Angeles.

On December 7, senior Larissa Gaias organized a benefit for children living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa. She recruited volunteers, arranged for food donations and orchestrated PR for the event. The evening included live student music and a presentation about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Pebbles Project, the organization to which the funds were donated. It was a huge success. Over $2000 was raised. This amount will sponsor at least 10 children. Thank you to Larissa's mentors, Jody Heneveld and Kelly McMahon, all the volunteers, the cafe staff, restaurants that donated food and everyone who came to support the cause.

Bridgehampton School

The Landscape Design class is a new program offered in the Bridgehampton School District and students are really enjoying the hands-on training. The students recently finished a project where they created individual laminated and bound plant books, which could be shown to potential landscape clients. These books include pictures and horticultural information on landscape plants that the students have used in their design work and which are commonly used in the local area.

The Young Playwrights Selection Committee picked Bridgehampton senior Naqueeta Briggs' play to be performed at Bay Street Theatre. Naquetta wrote Girl Talk and it was performed on December 8 and 9. Junior Tiffany Stewart and sophomore Ryan Gholson played the leads. Senior Chane Lamb was the assistant director. Girl Talk is a realistic play about adolescent friendship. Two young women share their trials, tribulations, hopes and joys in a highly comedic manner. Naqueeta's use of language is powerful, hard-hitting and honest.

World AIDS Day, an international day of action on HIV and AIDS, was marked on December 1. The day gives people worldwide an opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. School nurse Ms. Kathleen Blume worked with Mr. Steve Meyers' eighth grade class and made red ribbons for the entire school. While students made the ribbons, they were reminded about staying informed on this disease.

Students in grades K-3 will travel to BayWay Theatre in East Islip on Thursday, December 21. Youngsters will watch the musical Frosty. The students will see Frosty and his friend Jenny, as they try to save the town of Chillsville from Ethel Pierpot's evil plan to melt away all the snow.

There were 13 scholar athletes for the first quarter marking period. These students earned an 85 and above average while participating in a fall sport. These students are: Anika Hochstedler, Genevieve Kotz, Jessica Perez, Miguel Feliciano, Dominique Clark, Tanasha Clark, Tanethea Clark, Vanessa Rojano, Allison Koral, Nina Hemby, Ana Vallejo, Jairo Lopez and Jocelin Kalish.

CDCH Preschool

With the first snowflakes of winter glinting on the ground, the classes at the CDCH Preschool are busy little elves getting ready for the holiday season. The aromatic scent of potato latkes filled the hallways this week as Danielle Christiansen's Elephant class learned about the holiday of Chanukah. Leslee Melamed, Lee and Alec's mom helped the children learn about the holiday and make the tasty pancakes.

Jessica Hetman's Giraffe class read the story "The Gingerbread Man" as they prepared to make their own gingerbread men, gingerbread women and gingerbread houses, too! Cooking activities are perfect opportunities for practicing our math skills of measuring and counting.

Michelle Lusty's Tiger class is learning about holidays around the world. This week they learned about Christmas in Argentina. The class also did a great job making snowman sequencing cards and then using them to practice their sequencing skills.

The children in Karen Schroeter's Lion class had a busy week decking the halls and their classroom for the holidays. The children particularly enjoyed making candy canes and then finding just the right spots around the room to place them all!

Connie Smith and Joy Zimmerman's Toddler class also enjoyed decorating candy canes with puffy paint this week. The children enjoy feeling the different textures as they made the festive ornaments.

CDCH Charter School

On December 6, the fifth, sixth and seventh graders took a special holiday trip aboard their own Hamptons Luxury Liner to see Annie on Broadway. Everyone loved the production and had a wonderful time in the big city!

Our fifth and sixth graders held a special bake sale on Friday to benefit WBLI's "Adopt-a-Child" program. The $120 raised will be donated to WBLI to buy gifts for homeless children in our community. Our students hope their efforts will make this holiday season brighter for these children.

The Kindergarten continues to learn about our community's helpers by focusing this week on the mailman. Students are learning their own mailing addresses and have written a class letter to the first grade inviting them to a special snack. On December 8, the Cornell Cooperative visited the class to share and explore the world of seashells.

Toby Mackey's third grade is celebrating the holidays by traveling around the world! The students created their own passports and are learning about holiday traditions in other cultures. Third graders also launched into a unit on space this week by creating their own mnemonic devices to memorize the planets.

CDCH sends a special thanks to Toby Mackey and local musician Telly Karoussos for coordinating a special benefit concert at The Stephen Talkhouse December 9. A portion of the concert's proceeds will be donated to the CDCH Charter School and will support future field trips for the students.

Hayground School

As have all of the students at Hayground School, Julie Fanelli and Rachel Peterson's students, many of which are 3 and 4 years old, have been deeply immersed in the world of Shakespeare for the past two weeks.

The students in this class will be playing the parts of the fairies in the upcoming production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, to be performed tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. To prepare for their roles, the students have been thinking about how fairies might move or fly, while bringing these thoughts to fruition throughout each day at Hayground School.

All of the students have been working with the artists in residence from Shakespeare and Company for the past two weeks. Last week they started by participating in the "Shakespeare Scramble," where each student or student pair takes a line from the play and then creates a painting or drawing depicting what the line means to them. Following this process, the students next participate in "Creating the World," whereby they take another line from the play and create a three-dimensional depiction of the line, made of a variety of objects such as clay, pipe cleaners, buttons, wood and many other things.

Stella Maris Regional Catholic School

Students in the Middle School Technology program are finishing up their video project. The students were divided into small groups where they created a movie clip. The students were responsible for all aspects of the project including creating the script, filming, and editing.

Yesterday, our sports teams showed off their school spirit at the annual Pep Rally. Our basketball players, both girls and boys teams, participated in the Hamptons Youth Athletic League, CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), and the Catholic Middle School Athletic League. The students also wrote speeches about the benefits to both the students and the school of joining after-school activities.

Tomorrow at 7 p.m. all grades will perform in the Christmas Pageant, "The Little Blue Angel." Everyone is invited to attend.

Tuckahoe School

Tuckahoe School's first graders were visited by an educator from the Department of Environmental Conservation. The D.E.C. presented a slide show presentation of bats found on Long Island. The students learned about the many types of bats, their habitats and the important role that bats have in the environment.

Students in Jennifer Shearer's and Anne Miller's kindergarten classes have been doing an author study on Leo Lionni. They have been learning about story elements such as setting, characters, character traits and author's purpose. During Writers Workshop, the children have been incorporating the use of a beginning, middle and end in their stories. The children have been busy making crafts and writing pieces about specific Leo Lionni stories.

Southampton High School

Last Friday, more than 100 students, teachers and staff members of Southampton High School participated in the annual Blood Drive. The Student Council sponsored event will help replenish the blood supply in over 50 Long Island hospitals. According to New York Blood Center — Long Island Blood Services representatives for every one pint of blood donated, three lives are saved.

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