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December 06, 2006

Sex Education — Not!

Among the many issues the Bush regime has managed to bungle, the most glaring failure may well be in the area of sex education.

Statistics prove the president's abstinence-based program results in more unwanted pregnancies and thus increases the abortion rate, the exact opposite of what Bush hopes to accomplish.

In his desperate attempt to curry favor with the neo-Conservative base of the Republican Party — which is beginning to bail on him anyway — Bush has set back sex education in this country by a decade, and youngsters who need to learn about safe sex and the danger of STDs are instead being taught to wait until marriage to enjoy sex. It didn't work 50 years ago and it doesn't work now.

As if to prove how shortsighted he is, Bush recently appointed Eric Keroack to the Department of Health and Human Services. He will oversee funding for family planning, sex education and funding for the uninsured.

The problem with Keroack is that he is a certified quack. He doesn't believe in birth control and he opposes sex education. According to the Houston Chronicle, Keroack has falsely advised women, providing information "that is twisted, debunked or brazenly fictitious. Among [his] erroneous claims, is the assertion that condoms 'offer virtually no protection' against herpes or HPV (a virus that causes genital warts)."

It gets scarier.

Keroack preaches a bizarre, unsubstantiated theory that humans who have multiple sex partners develop a neuropeptide deficiency that renders them unable to form long-lasting bonds. His "research" is on the body chemistry — we are not making this up — of a prairie vole.

This man is being paid to make important decisions in Washington. And we thought Michael Brown as head of FEMA was the most ludicrous appointment Bush ever made.

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