Gurney's Inn
December 06, 2006

Bill Will Take The Bucks

East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill McGintee joked: "Anyone who wants to give us money . . . we'll take it." At last Friday's town board meeting, McGintee reported receiving a $75,000 grant from the State of New York. The money is to be used to create an overall management plan for Lake Montauk. McGintee said the plan might look at such issues as reduction of nitrogen and road runoff, as well as revitalizing eelgrass in the 1000-acre water body.

A request for the money last year was denied, but the town resubmitted its grant application this year to get the award. The supervisor noted that when he took office, there were as many as 10 outstanding grant applications in the hopper. He supported hiring a professional grant writer for the town and has been pleased with the outcome of the new position ever since.

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