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December 06, 2006

Shelter Stories

Lady (click for larger version)

Before I tell you about Lady, who is mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback, an anonymous donor made a generous contribution to Kisses, after hearing about the year-old Boxer/Pit mix who was held captive on a two-foot chain in a junkyard. She was eventually saved by a Humane Society officer and the police.

Kisses will be visited, at the donor's expense, by the internationally known behaviorist Dr. Peter Borchelt. He will be working on Kisses' socialization — not that she needs much. (The cops drew back their guns not knowing what to expect when they saw her obvious sweetness. And RSVP volunteers have worked their magic and done the rest.)

They are screening applicants carefully. Call RSVP at (617) 728-3524 and meet this wonderful survivor — AND Lady, our dog of the week. She's five years old and a sweetheart. Let me tell you about her.

Her country of origin is South Africa, and she has a distinctive ridge of hair that grows forward along her back. Bred for hunting in the 1800s, Ridgebacks now are companion dogs and very protective of their owners. Lady's also good with children and cats but not other dogs. She's brown, spayed and smaller than the pure bred Ridgebacks, weighing in at about 55 pounds.

She loves the outdoors, playing with volunteers and her toys and darting around the exercise pen at the shelter. She knows basic commands, is housebroken and walks well on a leash. On sunny days, Lady likes to lie in the sun and get a belly rub and grooming. She'll nudge you when you stop.

Lady's former owner wrote, "Lady goes to the back door and stares at you to let you know she has to go out." How's that for smart?

This time of the year is tough for shelter dogs, readers. They need to be visited. The more socialization the better. And walking. I know it's the holiday season, but call RSVP and offer them whatever time you can. You'll feel great afterwards. So will the dogs.

No calls about Bugsy with the sad eyes, our shelter dog of two weeks ago. Don't get so busy you forget that these pups are waiting for a home this Christmas. Even a visit makes their day. Bugsy needs to be remembered. Same with Sweetie, our dog of last week.

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