November 29, 2006

Charged with Rape

Two undocumented immigrants were in jail Monday morning, facing rape charges. On November 21, New York State Police arrested Cesar David Perez Cruz, 30, and Oscar Rene Guerra, 34, both of Riverside. They are accused of raping a 13-year-old acquaintance over the course of two months. No physical force was involved in the crime. Police learned of the unlawful relations when the victim's mother became suspicious and brought her daughter in to talk to troopers. Check of their immigration status revealed both men are in the country illegally. Once the criminal case is concluded, they will be turned over to the feds for deportation.

Drug Distributor?

Cops say he used his apartment above a popular Hampton Bays tavern as a cocaine and marijuana distribution headquarters. On November 21 a months-long drug investigation culminated with the arrest of Carlos J. Green, 31. At just before 2:30 that morning members of the Southampton Town Police Department raided the Montauk Highway apartment. They say they found felony weight powder cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana, packaging material, a scale, a fully loaded semi-automatic 9mm combat rifle and two stolen laptop computers. The PCs were reportedly taken from Westhampton High School. Green was charged with myriad drug-related crimes, four of them felony level.

In other news of drug busts, Southold cops charged a Mattituck man with criminal possession of a controlled substance after they found him with prescription meds that weren't prescribed to him.

Drugs don't seem to be involved in this next entry, just generic impulse control. On November 18 East Hampton Town Police Department responded to South Fairmount Avenue in Montauk, called to the locale by a woman who said her daughter was attacked at a party by a 16-year-old area male. According to the police report, the suspect slapped, punched, kicked, bit and choked the girl. He was charged with second-degree harassment and unlawful imprisonment.

Southold Police reported the arrest of a Greenport man on November 21. Julio Medina Hernandez is charged with second-degree assault, a felony. He's accused of using a weapon in the commission of an assault. No word from STPD what kind of weapon, though.

Quad Quaffer

He fled . . . head-on into a police car. A Mattituck man was charged with driving while intoxicated after he lost control of the ATV he was operating on Route 25 in Mattituck last Thursday morning. STPD reported the arrest of two additional ossified operators over the weekend.

State troopers in Riverside tagged a trio of tippling travelers over the last week. Two hailed from Hampton Bays and a third resides in Southampton.

A Bonac boo fan was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana after troopers saw him rolling a spliff in the 7-Eleven parking lot in Southampton Village. Also charged with UPM was a Patchogue man troopers pulled over for a traffic infraction. It soon morphed into a toking infraction.

Last week saw a drunk duo in custody in EHTPD's Wainscott digs. Arrested last Wednesday, a Springs man was collared following a crash on Gardiners Lane. Looks like the lush lost control of his VW and piled into a telephone pole, splitting it, sending live power lines into the street. LIPA was called to address the live wires. The less-than-live wire, our Springs souse, was taken to the hospital complaining of back pain. He was treated and released to address legal pain. Crossing over the double yellow lines proved the undoing of the second East Hampton inebriate on November 18.

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects:

• CHECKED HIM IN . . . to jail. Southold cops arrested a homeless man on Sunday. They say he forged the signature on a $400 check and cashed it.

• RILED IN RIP CITY: Cops charged a West Babylon man with disorderly conduct on November 21. He caused annoyance and alarm, flailing his arms and acting in a violent manner on South Dorset Drive in Montauk. The guy wouldn't obey police orders to cease his tumultuous behavior, so they locked him up.

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