Gurney's Inn
November 29, 2006

The Giving Tree Helps Struggling Families

The Community Care Program of Sag Harbor is working with the Sag Harbor Food Pantry to lend a helping hand to families in need. This season the organizations created a holiday donation program called The Giving Tree, with three levels of caring. Each tree comes with a set number of tags depicting and describing how to help: The Gift Box tag gives a local child's name, age, clothing size and a personal gift wish; The Fireplace tag asks for donations to help offset the cost of heating fuel for families and seniors in need; The Cornucopia tag is for donations to the Community Food Pantry. Local businesses are asked to display The Giving Tree & people can choose a tag from the tree that suites them. For more information, call John Gangemi, DC at 725-2117 or Lillian Woudsma of the food pantry, at 329-2151. The program runs through Monday, December 18 and gifts & donations will be distributed through the food pantry on Thursday, December 21.

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