November 29, 2006

My GayView

This is priceless: The Reverend Ted Haggard has been one of a group of evangelical religious 'leaders' who regularly conferred with The White House and, I'm sure, guided the great minds of our President and his circle on the way things should be run in a country guaranteed separation of church & state.

Every Monday these sanctimonious men (who have no business in politics at any level) discussed with our leaders of the free world which freedoms we might enjoy and those that are forbidden. A part of the agenda was, undoubtedly, to deny gay people equal rights. Indeed, this is the only administration to sight a specific minority group for exclusion from the U.S. Constitution. As if Bush and his cronies don't have enough on their plate!

Little things like the failure of a misguided war, the enormous debt it has incurred, the shaky Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid systems (our illegal aliens may bankrupt these funds which our taxpaying citizenry have paid into over the years) and our crumbling infrastructure that's ready to crumble when a big storm hits. Bush & Company should be addressing these needs — and many more — before establishing moral values. But that's what they consider important.

Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals, was the leader of the pack. He has stated, "I'm a right-wing religious conservative . . . the only disagreement I have with George Bush is on what type of truck to drive." How macho. Well, it appears they have more differences than that. Haggard started the New Life Church (perhaps he should have named it 'The Other Life Church') in his basement in Colorado Springs 26 years ago. An odd choice for a home business, but quite a successful one as it turns out.

By 2006 there were 14,000 (paying) members — a congregation any established religious order would kill for. (Pardon the unfortunate use of words — make that "pray" for!) God is Bread, as the saying goes, and Haggard was riding high as both cash cow and sacred cow. Harpers Magazine said, "No pastor in America holds more sway over the political direction of evangelicalism than does Pastor Ted."

True to the Puritanical attitudes pervasive in these 'born again' groupies and their icons, Haggard used his position to make gays scapegoats for the sins of the wicked world in which we live. Also, he was an adamant supporter of a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Colorado. That was the final straw for Colorado resident Mike Jones.

Who is Mike Jones? Just a nobody — another 'throw-away' gay guy who worked as a Denver fitness coach and part-time hustler. Over the last three years, he had regular pay-for-sex appointments with a guy named Art from Kansas City who responded to Mike's ad on a gay escort Web site called rentboy.com. He was paid around $200 for his hourly services: "It was pretty much vanilla sex," Jones said, but Art wanted to shift into high gear when he asked Mike to procure the ultimate Party Drug called crystal meth.

He did so once, but apparently Art found another source because he did the drug on a regular basis during their sex-capades. Pretty seamy stuff, all in all. Haggard and his counterparts would consider Mike and Art to be just about as low as you can go. But it turns out that Mike, the low-life hooker queer, does value honesty after all. And he despises hypocrisy. "I've been out my whole life. I have a lot of gay friends, and I've seen a lot of gay people suffer."

Upon reading what Haggard was saying about gay marriage and homosexuality, "I started getting pissed." Then one day at the gym, Mike sees the man spewing all of this fire 'n brimstone garbage on TV. Guess what? Ted Haggard, married man, father of five children, and pillar of the Religious Right, is, in reality, Art from Kansas City. Maybe he and Mark Foley should . . . Oh, never mind. 'Art' is much too old.

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