November 22, 2006

Shool Days

Springs School

Students in Robert Walker's 7th grade science class are learning how to classify certain living things, such as humans. The students came up with ideas such as eye and hair color, gender, age, height and color of clothing. To classify a group of things means to arrange them in order of classes or categories.

The Do Now (the question on the board when the students enter the classroom) on November 15, was to classify canines. During class, the students had to complete an activity in which they were given information about some imaginary dragons found on a distant planet and had to figure out how to classify them. Mr. Walker has been thinking of having the class design a project in which they'd create a dragon (or other monster) and then classify the class's projects as a group.

The Hokey Pokey is back in town. Students Natalia Fernandez, Ashley Martens and Heather Wittmer are making a film about the hokey pokey. The girls are asking teachers and students to dance the hokey pokey in front of the camera with a life sized doll named Sally. The whole movie is based on comedy and people dancing of all ages. This film has a great start and lots of laughter with only two days of filming. The girls plan on having a "star" travel around the school in a giraffe suit doing the hokey pokey. Sue Ellen O'Connor film/academic enrichment program teacher thought it was a cute idea.

Birds in Spring School are never hungry. The birds get fed everyday at lunch. Sixth graders feeders are Mario Mayorga and Lucy Villeneuve. Students in classrooms around the Courtyard are fascinated to see the birds eat out of the bird feeder. The bird feeder was jointly funded by Wild Bird Crossing in Bridgehampton and by the School Store. The Courtyard Crew is looking for a new feeder. The birds seen lately are blue jays and cardinals. Lucy Villeneuve says, "I love feeding the birds. It's really fun when it's raining and when we see new kinds of birds."

On November 15, and 16 the fifth grade took the NYS social studies exam. The test was about economics, history, government and geography. Morgan Gaugler said, "the test was very easy but I am so glad it's over." The fifth grade can now focus on the upcoming math and English state tests.

For 35 years, students from around the world have created their own productions, under the guidance of the Metropolitan Opera Guild's "Creating Original Opera." The Advisors at Springs School were trained by the Guild to prepare them for the leadership roles. To participate, each student completed an application process. Those who completed their assignments were invited to join the company. The Opera has become a trademark of the school.

The idea for this year's opera, The Blue Parade, developed from stories told by students new to this country. The writers began exploring themes of diversity, learning a new language and the meaning of community. The Blue Parade is set in the land of blue, a fantasyland where the children speak blue. Other characters come to Blue from lands of Green and Orange, and are learning Blue. After the opera is performed on stage the entire company will travel to the Metropolitan Opera to see a professional production.

The PTA is preparing for its Holiday Bazaar. This is a time where the students get to buy useful and beautiful items for their whole families. The PTA is looking for wrapping paper, tags and wrappers. For information or to help out, contact the school at 324-0144.

East Hampton High School

On November 17 at Half Hollow Hills East High School, four East Hampton High School students performed in the SCMEA All-County High School Music Festival. Asalia Goldberg, Orchestra, Jack Marshall, Mixed Choir, Ian Jackson and Devin Segal, Concert Band, were selected from among the finest high school music students in Suffolk County to represent the district at this festival.

The extensive preparation and rigorous rehearsals resulted in professional quality musical performances from the band, orchestra and choral ensembles, highlighting the achievements of these highly focused, disciplined and enthusiastic young musicians. In addition, after a demanding audition process, Ms. Goldberg was awarded the first chair in the viola section, the top position among violists in the orchestra.

As the festival's guest conductors explained, the outstanding concert performances by these student ensembles is the end product of years of school music studies and instruction, as well as their own individual hard work, practice time and training.

According to Troy Grindle, East Hampton High School Orchestra Director and Department Coordinator, "These students represent the best and brightest in our Music program. Because of their extraordinary musical efforts, they have really earned this honor, and the staff was proud to send them to the All-County Music Festival as ambassadors for our schools." He added, "The experiences they had performing in ensembles with other students of such high caliber, as well as learning from professional conductors made this a unique opportunity for these young musicians."

Wainscott School News

The children had a great visit to the East Hampton Fire Department. They learned about the E.D.I.T.H. drills and safety tips to be used at home and other places. Fire Marshals Mike and Buzz instructed the children about how to exit their bedroom using good safety rules. The children received a pamphlet, coloring book and other materials to share with their families.

The children worked very hard cooking and making desserts for the Thanksgiving Feast today. They prepared pumpkin pie, apple crisp and chocolate pecan pie. Mrs. Melissa Dolan taught the children how to prepare the chocolate pecan pie. The children gave a presentation to the guests at the feast about the things that they were grateful for. The families enjoyed the wonderful meal prepared by all. The feast is an annual event that has a rich history for the Wainscott School.

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Students at each of the grade levels are publishing their personal memoirs. Throughout the first marking period everyone has been working on these pieces in Writing Workshop. Classes are celebrating their hard work by inviting parents and other members of our school family to their rooms to enjoy their writing and share in their successes.

Libby Lattanzio's and Wendy Burokas' fourth grade class presented the ABCs of New England. They introduced everyone to the interesting places one can visit in the New England region. To highlight the beauty of autumn in New England, Kathy Meyerhoff's fourth grade class performed a song and shared a colorful PowerPoint presentation with the school at Morning Program.

Continuing with our look at the New England States, Kurt Kahofer's third grade students teamed up with the kindergarten students from Susan Raebeck's and Tara Diamond's class to present the "Ballad of the Mayflower." The song is about the Pilgrims' important journey across the Atlantic. The entire second grade sang a medley of Americana songs and even performed one of them on the kazoo. Everyone also enjoyed the entertaining performance by our elementary school dance club, under the direction of Tara Diamond.

Once again our holiday food drive has been a huge success and we are very happy to be contributing healthy dinners to families in our community. The children and their families, along with our PTA and the Teachers Association of Sag Harbor, donated the makings of these nutritious Thanksgiving meals.

The Sag Harbor Parenting Center is sponsoring "Growing Pains," a workshop helping teens develop character and positive decision-making skills. This is a rare opportunity for parents and teens to attend a workshop together to address issues that adolescents are experiencing today. Special Guest Paul Failla will be speaking in the Pierson Auditorium on Tuesday, November 28 at 7 p.m. This evening is designed for parents of students in grades 5-12. Students in grades 8-12 are also invited to spend this evening with their parents with Mr. Failla.

Stella Maris Regional Catholic School

Stella Maris School is pleased to announce the winners from our Grand Raffle! Congratulations to Nick Mazzeo of Sag Harbor who won first prize of $10,000. Kathy Versynder won $3000, Doug Sorace won $1500, and Vincent Tucci won $1000.

The students were thrilled to welcome Fr. Peter Devaraj back from India and meet his new assistant, F. Socor Fernandez.

Congratulations to our cross-country team! They finished off their season with Thomas Brierley and Emily Hinz both earning medals of honors.

Second graders Christian Brierley, Gabriela Arevalo, Hannah Dayton, and Samantha Dossantos received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time at Most Holy Trinity Parish. Congratulations to them all!

On November 9, the students celebrated National Appreciation Day for Catholic School Principals. Mrs. Jane Peters was surprised by each of the classes' gifts of cards, posters and good wishes. The Parents Association hosted a luncheon in her honor.

The students in Ms. Pat Sliwinski's preschool program in East Hampton have been studying Native American culture through art, literature, cooking, music, science and dramatic play. They have been decorating their classroom with Native American and Thanksgiving themed artwork. They decorated turkey feathers, painted teepees, Indian corn, and created sand paintings. They celebrated a Thanksgiving feast today.

CDCH Preschool

It is a wonderfully exciting week here at the CDCH preschool. Pre-Thanksgiving festivities have kept our classes busy as can be all week long. The CDCH Book Fair was a wonderful success yielding funds earmarked for special events planned this spring and lots of wonderful new books for the CDCH classrooms. Particular thanks to Katie Kopka and Bernadette McCoy for their talents as booksellers! Nancy Mullowney served as the faculty coordinator.

Each of our classes put on their first performance of the season. As usual, Debi Holmes, our dance, drama, yoga and sign language instructor directed the students in their premiere performances.

Karen Schroeter's lion class performed the Native American folktale of the Coyote and the Stars. Hannah Hartsough and Katrina Osterberg demonstrated their skills as twinkling stars and Angelica Alvarez and Syvaneous Webb did a spectacular job doing "grand jete" leaps across the stage. Ashley Peters, Helen Alban, and James Garnica showed everyone how to "Go Digging for Diamonds" while Lisbeth Leon, Logan Wilson, Sebastian Villalobos, Nikos Georgopoupos, John Berti and their friends did a great job of signing "One World" as they sang the words.

Jessica Hetman's giraffe class sang about "Ten Little Indians." Gannon Miller, Mary Kate Kopka, Jennifer Toledo and Bradley Batten led the class and did a fabulous job. Using sign language and song Alex Banegas, Jessica Claflin, Lexie Philips and Clark Kane delighted the audience with their skill and poise.

Michelle Lusty's tiger class performed the play The Oak and the Acorn. Seth Hodge was a wonderful, grumpy rock and Miles Coppola and Nicole Rios played the parts of the acorns that grow into little oak trees. The children all signed and sang "Digging for Diamonds and One World." Christopher Lopez and Stephanie Vargas leaped and danced across the stage and Alec Melamed, Cody Vela, Michael Ortiz, Abby Balnis and Matthew Roa were led in the role as the elements of wind, rain and snow by Hugo Fino. All of the cast members played their parts to perfection.

Danielle Christiansen's elephant class performed its play with musical accompaniment by Jordan Gant playing flute and Jeremy Webb shaking maracas. Coyotes Ariana Islami, Sorrel Miller and Lee Melamed performed with skill and grace while dancing with Samantha Totten, Diana Calle, and Joshua Alvarez. The class then performed sign and song to the delight of their friends and relatives in the audience. Karyme Hurtado and Cailyn Lynch and Kyle Krug demonstrated all that they learned from Ms. Debi with a sparkle and a smile.

On Monday, all of the classes participated in a celebration of thankfulness and a tasty feast. The Native Americans, dressed in costume from the giraffe and tiger classes, visited the pilgrims from lions and elephants classes. The two groups shared desserts they had prepared themselves and sang songs together. It was a very special celebration for faculty and children alike.

CDCH Charter School

The CDCH Charter School celebrated Thanksgiving with a school-wide feast on Tuesday. Teachers and staff sponsored the feast for the school by setting festive tables complete with centerpieces, turkeys and all the trimmings for the students. Thanksgiving poems were selected and read by the students. Special thanks to staff members Alan Geppert, Connie Hernandez, and Fanny Wells for chairing the Thanksgiving committee and to King Kullen for donating the turkeys. Many thanks also to our music teacher, Leah Oppenheimer, for leading the Thanksgiving sing-a-long. The banquet truly celebrated what we at CDCH are most thankful for — each other!

Bridgehampton School

During the week of November 6, Miss Stepanian's French students in seventh grade and Miss Rivera's fourth grade class enjoyed participating in a lesson that had a tasty reward. The students were treated to a chocolate fondue lesson and taste test. The eighth grade French class wrote the invitations in the target language; students also spoke in French during the presentation and discussed the importance of careers in foreign languages. Miss Palisi also joined the presentation and spoke of careers in the culinary field.

Second and third graders are beginning to write to their overseas pen pals. Their pen pals are a third grade class in London. It gives students an opportunity to learn about another culture.

On November 3, Nick Stevens and Sam Vallejo took part in the 2006 Suffolk County Music Educators Association 2006 Tuba Day at Sayville Middle School. Nick and Sam joined with 220 other low brass players for rehearsals, clinics and concerts throughout the six-hour event. Nick and Sam helped close the evening concert by performing five pieces with the massed low brass ensemble.

The standing room only crowd was entertained with selections such as "Born To Be Wild," "Phantom Of The Opera" and "Auld Lang Syne."

Southampton High School

The Southampton School District will hold a regular Board of Education meeting at the Southampton Intermediate School library on November 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Last week, the high school held its 17th Annual International Feast. The feast, which is sponsored by the High School Multicultural Club and organized by teacher Thelma Lee, brought together members of the staff, students and parents to celebrate their diversity. During the feast all participants were asked to bring in a dish that best represented their ethnic backgrounds. "This event is a wonderful way for the high school community to recognize, share and celebrate its many different and diverse cultures and traditions," stated Ms. Lee.

Southampton Intermediate School

The fifth grade Southampton Intermediate School Academic Enrichment students will participate in a two-day learning experience, "Whaling Days." Along with the third and fourth grade Academic Enrichment students, the fifth graders will be preparing the whaling exhibition that will be on display at The Southampton Historical Museum in late March 2007.

The first part of "Whaling Days" was a visit to the Southampton Historical Museum on November 17, when the students worked with actual artifacts from the years when whaling was a major industry on Eastern Long Island. On November 20, they continued their learning experience with a visit to The Whaling Museum in Cold Spring Harbor. The students worked on interactive activities designed to encourage greater knowledge about whaling on Long Island, and also learned about the unfortunate plight of many species of whales today. The visit concluded with a hands-on scrimshaw activity.

Southampton Elementary School

The Reading Groups at Southampton Elementary School continue as they move ahead to family storytelling and personal narrative. To continue improving their reading skills, the students will now be reading 26 Fairmont Avenue and other works by Tomie de Paola. In Spanish, students will be reading books by Colombian author Ivar Da Coll.

In December, the Southampton Elementary School will hold its Annual Winter Vocal Concerts, where students will perform a selection of multicultural holiday songs. Kids in kindergarten through second grade will be performing on Dec. 14 at 1:30 p.m., while the third and fourth graders, along with the chorus, will be displaying their vocal talent on Dec. 15 at 1:30 p.m. Both performances will be taking place in the Elementary School auditorium.

Tuckahoe School

Tuckahoe celebrates good citizenship as part of our character education program.

Each month our teachers submit names of their students' who have displayed good character. In October we kicked off celebrating good character by discussing the value of goal setting. The students were visited by Mr. Glenn Tyler, a racecar driver, who has competed in numerous races along the East Coast.

His work defines persistence, commitment and a sense of seriousness that resulted from a goal he set out to accomplish long ago. As a follow up activity, students reflected on both their academic and personal goals for the year. These have been displayed on numerous bulletin boards throughout our school.

Each month a new theme is introduced and activities follow which support the theme. During the 2006/2007 school year, the Shared Decision Making Team will also conduct action research that will explore intrinsic character initiatives.

We'd like to congratulate the students who have displayed good character for the months of September and October.

Hampton Bays School

Recently, the Hampton Bays Elementary School held its Third Annual ESL Dinner. Teachers, administrators, board of education members and families came together for this celebration of cultures. Each family of an ESL student was invited to attend and bring a dish representing their nationality, ranging from Mexican to Ukrainian. This allowed families to interact and have a taste of other cultures. The dinner was a huge success thanks to the hard work of the ESL teachers. A special thanks goes to all the local businesses that helped by donating food.

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