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November 22, 2006

10 Questions

Garfield, the inimitable fat cat, is among the world's most beloved characters. He brings his musical revue, A Garfield Christmas, to the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Friday at 3 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. and that means fun for the whole family.

He sat down with our own Rick Murphy to discuss the show and his career over a cup of coffee.

RM: Your comic strip is the most popular in the whole world.

GARFIELD: Yeah, I'm like Brooks and Dunn are to Country Music except I'm cute and I don't wear ugly hats.

RM: Legend has it your favorite food is lasagna. What's up with that?

GARFIELD: What do ya think, dummy? I'm Italian. My real name is Buttafusco, but they changed it to Garfield — said it was too ethnic.

RM: Some people say you're lazy . . .

GARFIELD: That's unfair. There are so many false impressions about me out there. I work very hard doing what I do. I've been mastering my craft since 1978, and I'm proud of it.

RM: What is it you do?

GARFIELD: I eat and sleep.

RM: You've kept your personal life out of the tabloids. Is that something that is important to you?

GARFIELD: Yeah, I'm a low-key kinda cat . . . I mean, I hang with Paris, Leo, Brad and those cats once in a while. But I tend to be a loner — give me a good litter box, some catnip and a little wet food and I'm good to go.

RM: They made a movie of your life story, and Bill Murray played you. What was he like?

GARFIELD: He's OK, I guess. A little boring. He wanted to do the exact same thing, every day, over and over. Talk about monotonous.

RM: And Jennifer Love Hewitt? Was she fun to work with?

GARFIELD: Va voom! She put the Tom in this cat, I wanna tell ya. She can sleep under my bed any old day. Meow, baby!

RM: What do you do in your stage act?

GARFIELD: We do a medley of Rolling Stones songs, some Clapton . . .

RM: Really?

GARFIELD: No, stupid! I thought Odie was a little slow but he's Einstein compared to you! It's a Christmas show! Singin', Dancin' — I'm great if I do say so myself, and all my friends will be there, too!

RM: Great! Will you save a ticket for me?

GARFIELD: Yeah, sure. You and Elvis.

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