November 08, 2006

School Days

CDCH Preschool

It was a week of Halloween excitement and fun as our preschool celebrated with a parade, classroom parties and a visit to the "Enchanted Halloween Mansion." Tom Cook, Nancy Mullowney, Susan Lemonier, Debi Coleman and Iris Pons-Gala of the CDCH-related service department joined forces with Joy Zimmerman, CDCH Education Coordinator to create a "Halloween Happening."

There was a maze and obstacle course, an array of sensory experiences as well as a special pumpkin craft that each class participated in. It was an exhilarating learning environment filled with activities to delight all ages!

As we say goodbye to October, CDCH children and families have begun to think about our Fall Food Drive to help those less fortunate celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey and all the trimmings. Families are being asked to donate a non-perishable item suitable for Thanksgiving dinner or turkey vouchers from local supermarkets. Each class will put together food baskets, which will be given to families in need. It is a wonderful way of beginning to teach our students about the joys of giving to others.

Karen Schroeder's class took a walking trip to the East Hampton Library where they were warmly greeted by Alexa Giambruno, the children's librarian. It was a delightful opportunity for our children to see the many wonderful books and materials available to them at the library.

The CDCH Preschool Book Fair will begin next Monday. There will be all kinds of books for young children at very reasonable prices. It will be a great time to begin holiday shopping! The CDCH Preschool PTO will meet on Thursday, November 16 at 7 p.m.

CDCH Charter School

The CDCH Charter School celebrated Halloween Tuesday in high style with a pumpkin decorating party and a stunning costume parade.

CDCH held its monthly assembly last Friday with each class demonstrating the meaning of "Good Manners." The Kindergarten opened with the "Please and Thank You" song. Theatrical skits, original songs and dancing really got the message across! CDCH's seventh graders closed the assembly congratulating their fellow students on a job well done!

Congratulations to Christopher Corbett who was this week's Star of the Second Grade classroom!

The CDCH Charter School PTO will meet Wednesday, November 15 at 4 p.m. For more information please call 324-0207.

Springs School

In Mrs. Leah Boyce's seventh grade advanced math class, students are learning about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing polynomials.

In Mr. Adam Osterweil's seventh grade language arts class, the students have just finished the Lego car derby. Though this sounds like an activity that requires no writing, the students actually had to learn about describing Legos, build a car, and then write a 25-step instructional writing piece about how to build their car. Then, in order to enter the derby, they had to hand in a typed copy of these instructions. There are big and small wheel divisions, and each student gets to race every other team or individual student once. You win if your opponent's wheels fall off, or if their Lego person falls out of the car. The Derby is almost over, with only the super-series (the winners of each class) left.

Now, the students are beginning their new project: writing to a celebrity. On November 1, the students had to choose their top five choices for celebrities to write to. When Mr. Osterweil (a.k.a. Mr. O) finds the address of one of the celebrities, the students will start to write their letters.

In Mrs. Amy Turner's seventh grade social studies class, the students are learning about the 13 colonies. Recently, the students started a project in which they make a poster based on the colony of their choice. They have to create a catchy slogan, which might attract settlers to their colony, and write about the geography, religion and the economy of their colony.

In Mr. Robert Walker's seventh grade biology class, the students have just finished their plant or animal cell model projects. They could bake a cake, make a pizza, make it out of clay, or something else creative, but it had to be three-dimensional. The students had a quiz about photosynthesis November 2.

Mrs. Cleary's class and all the other fifth graders received aquariums for science. Then children named their fish. After the weekend four fish had died. Mr. Mickormick, the science teacher, told the children that naming the fish just made it harder when the fish died. On November 1 they learned about testing water for acid, which is unsafe for the organisms that live in the water.

On Halloween Mr. Sean Knight, a science teacher, taught us about molecules expanding and getting mixed. In order to make slime we first had a one liter bottle of four percent PVA solution and 20 grams of tetraborate powder (borax). We had a cup so we first put the PVA in and then watched it sit. We actually found out what the PVA was — alcohol.

On November 1, kids from the fifth and sixth grades were selected to write a story for Kids Day in Newsday. The editor told them what would be good to write about and how to form it. She let them see the featured article in kids day from last week. The editor said that we should write about something that makes our school different from all the other schools. They decided that the "natural helpers program" and "spirits meet" are different. The kids are very excited to have this privilege.

Stella Maris School

The Stella Maris Regional Catholic School will hold its annual $10,000 Grand Raffle and Cocktail Party on Saturday, November 18 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the school auditorium. Tickets are $50 and each ticket admits two adults to the cocktail party. Food is provided by Turtle Crossing and other local restaurants. Tickets are still available by calling (631) 725-2525 or stop by the school office.

Tuckahoe School

All aboard to Africa! On October 26, Mrs. Brett Voegel and Mrs. Rebecca Dansereau's third grade classes kicked off their exploration of Africa with their field trip to the Bronx Zoo. The purpose of this trip was to experience the Congo Rainforest. This trip was a great way for the students to see various animals in their habitats. They saw okapis, mandrills, elephants, zebras and gorillas. This was an exciting learning experience for them.

On October 20, Tuckahoe kindergarten and first grade students†had the opportunity to†visit the Milk Pail in Water Mill to see how apples and pumpkins grow. The students were taught how to carefully pick apples from the trees. They were able to pick five apples and take them home. They were then off to the pumpkin patch for their pumpkins.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping! Come to our 3rd Annual Craft and Gift Sale at Tuckahoe School on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This event is sponsored by the PTO. Funds raised by the PTO are used to enrich the lives of the students of Tuckahoe both academically and socially. There will be pictures with Santa, craft and gift vendors, food, raffles and a Chinese Auction. There's something for everyone!

Hampton Bays Elementary School

Recently the Hampton Bays Fire Department made its way to the Hampton Bays Elementary School, where members presented various fire safety guidelines. Fire department members walked the students through "EDITH," which stands for Exit Drill in the Home. The children were taught an escape plan for the home, how to stop, drop and roll, and to cover their eyes in case of a fire. The students were also taught the importance of changing batteries in a smoke detector and how to clean one out once a month.

Children in kindergarten through third grade were shown different fire trucks and educated about the different pieces of equipment that a firefighter wears. Students in grades 4-6 were in the back of the school where they talked about car accidents. The students were able to watch the fire department members cut the roof of a car off, just like they would in a serious car accident. Then they spoke to the students about ways to avoid being in a car accident.

Wainscott School

The students in the third grade science class are studying interactions and the states of matter. They learned about silica and some of its properties. The first grade science class used their KWL earthworm cart to help them write a play about earthworms. They presented their play using sock puppets that they had made.

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Last week, Maria Semkus' and Erinn Rowland's third grade class presented "New York, New York" to the children at Morning Program. Each student was responsible for researching an important geographic feature of New York State. Throughout the presentation, the children spoke of the significance of these places in New York and then labeled a giant map of our state. They concluded with a spirited rendition of Sinatra's "New York, New York," complete with kick line.

Our annual holiday food drive began this week with an exciting presentation at Morning Program. Guidance counselor Michelle Grant and Kindergarten teacher Nina Landi introduced the "Food Pyramid Olympians" to the students and encouraged all to donate non-perishable items from the major food groups so that healthy holiday meals can be distributed to local families in need.

Southampton High School

Jessica Parker, a senior at Southampton High School, has been named the November Rotary Club Student of the Month. Jessica has been involved in numerous activities, including tennis, softball, Varsity Club, and Drama Club. She also served as Student Council Treasurer, Secretary of the Latin Club, and is a member of the National Honor Society. In addition to her academics and athletics, Jessica is also very involved in the theater, having participated in every school play since fifth grade. Jessica is the daughter of Eugene and Elizabeth Parker of Southampton.

Southampton Intermediate School

During the week of October 30, the students in Ms. D'Angelo's eighth grade Home and Careers class reflected on the events of Red Ribbon week with the creation of a substance abuse project. Working in small groups to research a particular substance, the students will inform their peers about what they learned through PowerPoint presentations, skits, brochures, posters and videos that they prepared. Projects will be presented during the week of November 6.

The eighth grade catalogue fundraiser at the Intermediate School was a huge success with almost $6000 raised for the spring trip to Washington. The students thank the community for their support for this fundraiser.

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