November 08, 2006

My GayView

Gays and God

In a time when the President allows the so-called "Religious Right" (a misnomer since we're guaranteed separation of Church and State in this country) to use Christian Fundamentalism to manipulate public opinion to their advantage, the Gay Community has been made a scapegoat over the last six years. This must stop and the true villains in our midst need to be revealed.

Take a good look at the likes of The Reverend Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson and you'll see that they're using The GLBT Community as flashpoint for their own political agendas. Why should consenting adults' sexuality be of more concern to them than the increasingly lethal war in Iraq? Have they forgotten the basic importance of "Thou Shall Not Kill"? Or doesn't it apply to this President and his Party?

If their mission is really to champion God's Will, then they should be spending their time and energy nailing this credo on every Senate office door on Capitol Hill. And how did George W. Bush's religion bring him to a place where he discards the basic rights of a portion of his citizenry to pander to the likes of the 700 Club? Anyone who uses the pulpit to preach hatred and discrimination is not doing God's work, and he's certainly not following the teachings of Christ.

Let's back up and look at the "fundamental" teachings of Christ — and all the great Profits of Peace who are the focus of the major religions worldwide. Get this straight: Christ turned no one away. Those who preach otherwise (and in His name, no less) are the ones going "astray." They will have to account for some serious transgressions when they meet their Maker.

The scripture doesn't say, "Love your neighbor as yourself" — with the exception of Gay people. Here's where they jump on their favorite passage in the hugely complex Bible: that old bit in Leviticus about "Thou shall not lay with a man . . ." Ignoring the plethora of lessons in The Good Book urging us all to cherish one another, to support one another, to not stand in judgment of one another and so forth, this has become their mantra.

Here's a reality check for all the small-minded and the mean-spirited who use what's in The Bible as God's law: God did not write the Bible — men wrote the Bible. And they re-wrote it and re-translated it and revised it over the centuries. Being mortal men, we can assume they suffered from the same selfish foibles as we do and were willing to use any means to get ahead. Here's a way to knock one group of society out of the competition, namely the homosexuals. (Women got theirs right away in Genesis with Eve and that apple!)

Some Bible scholars note that this little known passage came to prominence in the King James version of the Bible because the straight men in power in England at that time wanted to wave it at King James himself — who had quite an eye for the boyz at court. That was a chance to exert some control over the King, you see. Exclusion from God's Grace is a powerful weapon to use against anyone.

If the oh-so-righteous 'leaders' in this country really want to bring gay people into the fold, then they should be supporting gay marriage. That's an important step for gays' relationships to be recognized by society and finally gain for us the same rights as everyone else. And, sadly, that is exactly what the powers that be don't want.

Bryan Burrma who was an ordained priest and now ministers to Gays sums up the conundrum thusly, "I will agree that the Gay Community needs to learn a lot about 'The Word.' At the same time, I think the Straight Community has to give them a place to learn about it and honor their relationships as being valid before Gay Persons will take it seriously. God never makes mistakes and I know that I'm not a mistake and neither are millions of others is this world who realize they are different from most in society."

Amen to that!

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