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November 08, 2006

Hamptons Daze

Girls and Goblins

We celebrated Halloween many nights over the past week. Friday Night we went to see Supercargoman play at the Foggy Goggle. We were under the impression that the show started at 9 p.m. We showed up fashionably late at 10. It took about 10 minutes of persuading the bouncers to let one of us in for free. It turns out 10 is when the club opens. So it was us girls, and about four other early birds. We had no other choice but to hang out at the bar and do shots.

It didn't take long before we were out of control. The night consisted of more making out than talking. The make out game was a HUGE hit (when is it not?) until we somehow almost broke up the band . . .

Jameson's friends' band Supercar-goman played and rocked the house with their songs and some really funny covers. They put a new twist on "Sexy Back" that would make Timberlake jealous as all hell. Then "Jesse's Girl" started playing and Jameson started screaming, "It's a sign. I have to make out with Dot" (one of the band members).

We can't tell you why that song got her so excited (inside joke that cannot be released to the press) but it did spark another rendition of the make out game. After Veronica tried getting Dot to make out with Jameson to no avail she ended up kissing Adrian (other band member) instead.

A little while later Veronica dragged Jameson into the bathroom. "You broke up the band!" yelled Veronica. "Dot just confessed his undying love of eight years for you and told me to stop you guys."

"Oh, that's not good," Jameson replied. Needless to say, Jameson hid from the band for the rest of the night.

Skip to a few days later at the Publick House Halloween party — Dot says he has no recollection of the conversation with Veronica and that he doesn't love her, it was the whiskey that loved her. Anyway, Supercargoman lives!

Later on in the night at the Goggle, we made an amazing discovery. Since we didn't dress up for the night we were feeling a little bit left out. All of a sudden we see a keg tap hat on the bar (belonging to someone who dressed up as a keg). We immediately steal it.

Jameson puts the hat on her head and we start taking pictures. Veronica stole the hat from Jameson shortly thereafter. Multiple people come up to Veronica and ask her if she is dressed as a penis pump for Halloween and she proudly answered yes.

A little while later we see the boy who is the human keg and missing his hat. "Take it off," says Jameson. "He's coming!"

"No," says Veronica. "He won't notice me!" Really, why would he notice someone wearing a 12-inch keg tap on her head?

Of course, about two seconds later he realizes Veronica is wearing the rest of his costume. "Can I have my hat back?" he asks very nicely. "Oh no, this isn't yours, it was left on the bar, it's mine now," says Veronica. He tells her that the only reason he left it on the bar was because everyone kept telling him he looked like a penis pump.

This is when Jameson pipes in. "You can have your hat back if YOU TWO MAKE OUT!!" He quickly agrees, kisses Veronica, and gets back the rest of his costume. The rest of the night Veronica alternated kissing buddies, a guy wearing a sombrero, and the penis pump.

The next night we went to a house party. Veronica dressed up as Little Bo Peep and Jameson dressed up as Jessica Rabbit. The costumes were a hit until Veronica's ripped down the side. Her costume went from being Little Bo "Peep" to Little Bo "look at my boobs."

Speaking of boobs, Jameson stuffed her skintight red dress with two huge squishy balls she bought at CVS. They were the size of two world record watermelons and she looked as though she might tip over at any minute.

On Halloween night we went to the Publick House for the Greatest Halloween Party EVER! The place was crazy. It was like summer all over again! Even the outside bar was open and you still couldn't move past all of the enormous gorillas and Santa Clauses. Our friends the "Breakfast Sandwich" won 1st place and $500 bucks! They looked hilarious!

Veronica, after destroying her costume on Saturday dressed up in a huge Coast Guard shirt and hat that she borrowed from a family member. Unfortunately, she was told that she looked more like she had just slept with a member of the Coast Guard than an actual member. Oh well, isn't the whole point of Halloween to look slutty when you normally couldn't get away with it?

The highlight of the night must have been seeing Jessica Rabbit (Jameson) pull Super Mario into the coat closet to "look for someone." Shhhhhh . . . don't tell Roger, p-p-p-p-p-please!!!

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