November 01, 2006

Indy Almanac


Storm Free

During the past month there has been considerable talk, discussion and history related to the topic of tropical disturbances. And, to our great relief, nothing has developed. The season for such an event is fast waning, but rest assured that such an event still has the ability to visit us.

This coming month of October we shall have our first white frost earlier, I think, than average, which is the 23rd.

The month of September has been an average month except for the downpour during midmonth. Often over the years during the month of September we have had heavy rains. That is three months average rainfall in two days! This year was no exception. The rains started on the 14th and finished the following day. Any yard with a low spot had a lake! Minor field erosion with the heavy rain finished the growing season ahead of time for some crops. Yes, road flooding was severe in places. Don't we know enough to slow down in these conditions? If not for ourselves, then for the other drivers!

Highest temperature for September was 80 on the ninth; lowest was 41 on the 30th.

Measurable rain fell on 12 days. It rained every day from the second through the sixth. Heaviest rain was on the 14th through the 16th. On the 16th was the heaviest with 5.87 inches. Field and roads were awash with little rivers and lakes! Yes, in many areas there was minor soil erosion. We must always remember when building on the soft-loam of our once-agricultural land that once or twice a year we will have a two-month rainfall in 24 hours. The old folks called it a "gully-washer." Long Island glacial soil erodes easily and quickly in heavy rains and strong winds.

Recorded were eight clear, eight partly cloudy and 14 cloudy days. Our prevailing wind was westerly, from the northwest on seven days and southwest on seven days. This was a variable wind direction for the month of September.

Now that October is here, we shall have a frost. Usually one or two light ones first before the killing frost comes on the 21st. Enjoy October's invigorating low humidity, clear blue skies with those beautiful white clouds as they pass us by. In many years, October is a storm-free month. We'll have to wait and see.

U.S. Cooperative Weather Observer

Bridgehampton, L.I., New York

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