November 01, 2006

Kids Reel

I saw a very good movie the other day and now it is on DVD and tape as well. The name of the film is Akeelah and the Bee. And I really like the advertising line they use, changing the world one word at a time.

The Bee in the title is a spelling bee, and Akeelah, played by Keke Palmer, is an 11-year-old South Los Angeles girl whose life is not easy: her father is dead, her working mom, played by Angela Bassett, has no time for her, and her brother runs a gang. She's smart, but her life problems threaten to kill all her hopes and dreams.

A principal's threat of detention for her absenteeism lands Akeelah in a spelling bee. She turns out to be a winner. And she gets a coach for the next contests, played by Larry Fishburne. Akeelah has a lot to overcome to try to win the biggest prize. How does she fair against facing so many obstacles? Well, see the movie. It's good to watch and it's also a lesson. We give it 3 tennis balls.

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