November 01, 2006

Shelter Stories

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First, some great news. Pooh, our shelter story dog from last week, the depressed senior Shepherd Lab mix, is in a home with a senior lady. It seems to be working. She needed a quiet dog to love. I want to see that dog happy again instead of flinching, waiting to be hit, as dogs and children look who are abused.

And Scoobie, the young pup you met two weeks ago whose owners turned him in because they had health problems to contend with now has a great home in Sag Harbor. Let's hope things work out for both dogs. Tigger, the Golden Lab, is in a loving foster home for now but that won't last forever. So don't forget him. Or Trevor who's still at the farm. And Summer who's also in foster care.

Lots of calls still coming in for Kisses, the Boxer mix found by the Humane Society tied to a two foot chain in a junk yard, but RSVP is taking its time placing her, as responsible organizations do. This adoption HAS to work. No revolving door for this dog who's suffered so much neglect and yet is wonderful with everyone who meets her.

Spades, the Black Lab mix, who's so smart, may have a home soon. Stay tuned. The lady seeing Spades in a couple of days adopted another RSVP dog, Gillian, and it worked out beautifully. Gillian would like a friend, we're told. Let's hope it's love at first sight.

Now, meet Holly. A six-year-old spayed female cat. Great coloring. Beautiful eyes. Loves children and other pets. I usually don't write about cats, but this cat is really special. Holly was surrendered to RSVP because her owner's baby has a rare disorder known as Trisomy 13. The disorder occurs in about one of every 5,000 live births, and only one in five of those babies live beyond the first month.

The "miracle baby" is now five months old, much to the delight of the family. Holly, however, and the family dog could no longer remain in the home because of the delicate health of the child. The dog was adopted. Holly needs a home.

She is a beautiful, loving, gentle lap cat. Her coloring reminds you of the fall season — shades of orange, brown, gold and red. She has beautiful golden eyes. The staff of Riverhead Animal Hospital has nicknamed Holly Autumn, because she looks like an autumn sunrise. Please call (631) 728-3524 for more information about this special cat sponsored by RSVP. And pray for the health of the baby and all the animals. They need your special prayers. We are their only advocates.

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