October 25, 2006

Where Ya Been?

This just in from the East Hampton Star: on last week's front page article it was reported "Broadwater Energy . . . could bring gas-filled tankers within four miles of Montauk Point two or three times a week." Really? We reported the exact same thing in our November 10, 2004 issue, the first newspaper on Long Island to do so.

The following January we had a front page article on Broadwater and had already written several editorials against the project. In fact, The Independent was the first newspaper on Long Island to come out against the liquefied gas project, and blow-ups of our cover article were carried by protestors at several rallies. The Independent editorial staff refused to meet with Broadwater officials dangling a carrot and the implication that there would be a lot of money spent by the company.

The matter "was brought to the attention of the [East Hampton] Town Board" by the town attorney last week, the article went on to state. Actually, about 21 months ago an Independent reader asked board members in open session if they were concerned about the specter of Broadwater tankers carrying volatile gasoline across the mouth of Gardiners Bay on a regular basis. The board members looked quizzically at each other, apparently unaware of the problem.

The Independent is proud of its history of taking a stand and sticking to its guns. In this instance, the Broadwater proposal to float a liquefied gas facility in the environmentally-sensitive waters of the Long Island Sound was obviously a bad idea then and still is now. The fact that such facilities, and the tankers that service them, are potential terrorist targets makes it even more imperative the project be stopped.

Nevertheless, it took months before the other local newspapers even became aware of the Broadwater proposal.

Good to have you aboard guys — but where ya been?

Memo to East Hampton Star: this just in: President Kennedy has been shot on a Dallas street. Get on it.

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