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October 18, 2006

Horton Takes A Punch for Charity

Former Southold Town Supervisor Josh Horton acknowledges that there are plenty of people who'd welcome the chance to go punch-for-punch with him in a boxing arena.

"There's no shortage of people that want to get in the ring and spar with me, knock me on my head a little bit," he said.

On Monday, spectators will get the opportunity to watch Horton take his hits as Long Island business professionals go head to head in the boxing ring at the Fourth Annual Long Island Fight for Charity, to be held at the Long Island Hilton in Melville at 5:30 p.m.

"Throughout my two terms in public office, I developed a flavor for taking it on the chin for good causes," said Horton. "It doesn't seem all that different from being supervisor, just the ring is a bit smaller and the hits a bit more direct. I've never been scared of taking a shot."

Horton, who's never boxed before, has been training with former boxing champion and certified personal trainer Jeff Nockelin at the "School of Hard Nocks Gym" in Greenport.

"It's a real challenge," said Horton, who acknowledges he has always enjoyed extreme physical exertion, especially during his stint in the Coast Guard when he served as a rescue swimmer.

Horton and Nockelin have devised an intense training routine comprised of practice with heavy bags, sparring, contact mitt exercises, cardiovascular work with weights, and some weight training.

"It's fun, but it's not a bloodbath when we get in there," said Horton. "It's all very controlled sparring."

Weighing in at 172, Horton will be fighting within a 165-175 weight class.

Once he steps into the ring, Joshua "The Hurricane" Horton, representing Lieblein Associates LLC/North Star Media Network, will face off with his opponent, Sean "The Nice Guy" Boyle of Winthrop Radiology Associates.

The event, organized under the umbrella organization of the Long Island Community Chest, will provide funding to several other Long Island charities, including the Genesis School, Christa House, Scleroderma Foundation, Pet Peeves, Long Island Works Coalition and Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.

Horton said choosing The Hurricane as his boxing name was a collaborative effort. "My family has always told me that I roll into a room or a situation like a hurricane. And as a sailor with a career in the maritime trade, that's the one storm I've always respected the most."

Tickets for the event are $250 for ringside and $125 for premium seats; admission price includes a pre-event cocktail reception. For more information and to make donations, visit www.LIFightforCharity.com.

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