October 18, 2006

School Days

Sag Harbor Elementary School

Last week Kim Sloane's kindergarten class did a PowerPoint presentation on kindness and caring, with voiceovers describing ways they had demonstrated kindness to classmates or family members. Brie Landry and Meredith McArdle gave an introduction to American heroes in the area and highlighted Mrs. Margaret Sage for her kindness and philanthropy.

Liz Surozenski and Wendy Burokas' fourth grade class presented 'Born in the USA' highlighting all the presidents who were born in mid-Atlantic states.

The four kindergarten classes went on a field trip to the Milk Pail and picked apples.

On Monday teachers Kurt Kahofer and Susan Raebeck continued our study of the mid-Atlantic states by talking about three of the national landmarks to be found there — the Liberty Bell, Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty. They explained the importance of treating these areas with respect and that there is now a law forbidding the defacing of national landmarks.

Our Partners in Print 2006, a series of workshops for kindergarten and first grade students and their parents, begins tomorrow. The opening night is an introduction for parents only and will run from 6 to 7:15 p.m.

School Picture Days are next Tuesday (grades K to two) and next Wednesday (grades three to five).

The Book Fair will take place from next Wednesday through November 3, with next Wednesday being reserved for parents, staff and teachers.

Springs School

School opened with approximately 600 students enrolled in the pre-kindergarten to eighth grade programs. Many new staff and some staff changes have started off the year with great interest and enthusiasm. Students and teachers have quickly settled into their new programs. Students are busy participating in sports after school and with the Opera program, as well as the new Journalism Club. After only five days Principal Eric Casale felt that the school momentum forward was as if the school had never closed for the summer.

In Sean Knight's sixth grade science class the students learned about solar energy. In this process they learned how black is more dense than white. They learned that the bigger the sheet of black is the more heat it collects so if somebody wanted to use solar energy to heat their house a black roof would be best.

The theme for the Character Education program this year is SUPERSTARS. September's theme was Self-Awareness, and Dr. Phil McGraw of CBS TV was the Superstar who most promoted self-awareness. Maritza Santos, the school's social worker, had sent the TV psychologist a letter explaining the program and Dr. Phil's unknown connection to it. Dr. Phil invited the sixth, seventh and eighth graders to New York to speak with him. The classes had lunch at the Children's Museum in New York, courtesy of Dr. Phil.

Irene Tully's fifth grade class had a very special guest: John Picker. He is an Angel Flight pilot. Pilot Picker told how he brings people who might need to get from East Hampton to Boston for a doctor's appointment for kidney problems, cancer or other major health issues. He is a volunteer, but his real profession is as an artist. To learn more about John Picker go to www.AngelFlightne.org. To Mrs. Tully's class he is a SUPERSTAR!!!!

Students in fourth through eighth grades participated in "Rachel's Challenge" workshops and assemblies last week. Rachel Scott was a student at Columbine High School. She was one of the first students to be shot in the massacre. Rachel wanted peace in the world and felt that to get this people needed to perform little acts of kindness. She wrote an essay called "Codes to a Better World." The students heard about some of Rachel's acts of kindness and how students today face significant stress and violence.

The Springs School opera company has started. This year the opera company's name is the "Shooting for the Stars" opera company. The writers/composers have begun brainstorming ideas. They are all working very hard. Every person who auditioned for the opera company got a job.

Wainscott School

The students had a great time at the Whaling Museum and the Whalers Church in Sag Harbor. They learned a lot of facts and received brochures on both places. The third grade social studies class got some ideas to include in their own brochure in the Wainscott School. In school this week the students got to see an old ship in the bottle made by a whaler in Sag Harbor. They also got to see his blubber cutter and some old photographs. These things were owned by a Sag Harbor family.

Stella Maris

The Scholastic Book Fair took place this past week in the gym. Students had an opportunity to buy books during the school day and wish lists were made for each class. Students and parents were able to purchase books, CD-roms and school supplies to fulfill the teacher's wishes!

Fall after-school activities are in full swing! One new addition is EarthAngels. This club meets weekly to learn wilderness awareness skills while hiking, tracking, planting trees and more. Students will also learn about organic foods and farming while visiting some of our local markets.

Sr. Ann Marino, director of Cor Maria Retreat House, gave an inspirational talk on the work of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary, in preparation for the middle school visit to the Convent in Tarrytown. Any former students of St. Andrew's School, the Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary, or any Marymount school are invited to send in a card or greeting that will be added to a special album the students are making.

Cowboy Ernie will trot to Stella Maris again this month for the annual school presentation followed by the upper grades taking part in a poetry writing workshop.

Our annual Halloween party will be held on October 31 from 5 to 8 p.m. There will be food, fun and crafts.

Mark your calendar for December 10 for the return of our Christmas Fair and Breakfast. Any vendors who would like to participate should call Lori MacGarva at (516) 242-9633.

Tuckahoe School

The Tuckahoe Music Program is off to an exciting start. Our vocal music teacher Mr. John Bennett is teaching over 60 chorus students in grades five to eight the essentials of proper vocal technique. Mr. Bennett also teaches music to the students in grades K through two, who are an energetic and happy group of students.

The Band Program, under Mrs. Deborah Goodale, continues to grow. From the 28 enthusiastic beginners in fourth grade to the 45 members of the Concert Band, the school has a total of 114 instrumentalists. More than 65% of students in grades 4-8 will play an instrument this year. The bands and choruses rehearse twice a week and, believe it or not, the sound of holiday music is already drifting through the halls.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping! Come to our third annual Craft and Gift Sale at Tuckahoe School. This year it will be held on November 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This event is sponsored by the PTO. Funds raised by the PTO are used to enrich the lives of the students of Tuckahoe both academically and socially. There will be pictures with Santa, craft and gift vendors, food, raffles and a Chinese Auction. There's something for everyone!

CDCH Preschool

There are exciting plans for special fall events and we hope everyone will join us.

Ms. Hetman's class began a multifaceted study of pumpkins. They read about the journey of a pumpkin seed into a full-grown pumpkin. They examined the insides of the pumpkin by cutting it open. Each child made his/her own pumpkin using real pumpkin seeds and yarn for the stringy insides. The children loved using their sense of touch, sight and smell to explore the pumpkin.

Ms. Schroeder's class is learning about life on a farm and the letter "F." The children have already made pigs and sheep. Each child shared with the group their favorite farm animal and then they graphed the results for everyone to see.

Ms. Lusty's class welcomed Rachel Alper, their new student teacher. The class is working on their sequencing skills. The children participated in making a giant pumpkin for their classroom. Clothespin bats were great fun to make and now can be seen flying around on the classroom ceiling! The class read Who Goes Out on Halloween by Sue Alexander.

Ms. Christiansen's class welcomed their new friend Sebastian into the room. The children talked and learned about firefighters in preparation for Fire Safety Week. The children also made blue bats and explored all the things in the classroom that began with the letter B.

Joy Zimmerman and Connie Smith's toddler class have been noticing the signs and sounds of fall. The children made squirrels and crunchy, crinkly, fall leaves. All of the students are adjusting nicely to learning and playing together.

CDCH Charter School

Ms. Gullo's kindergarten class is celebrating the letter "E" this week, creating elephant headbands to wear to the Reading Rainforest Scholastic Book Fair. Pumpkins are also center stage in the classroom! The class has been measuring the circumference of them and also created a beautiful pumpkin patch art project. In math, the students continue to "shop" with pennies and were introduced to nickels.

CDCH's first grade class is also studying pumpkins and is planning an upcoming trip to a real pumpkin patch! The first and fourth graders continue their "Reading Buddy" program and are having a great time learning from one another. The fourth grade read aloud the poem "What I Love About Autumn" by Douglas Florian. The Reading Buddies then proceeded to create a special leaf-shaped, tissue paper collage together.

Ms. Mackey's third graders are already looking forward to Halloween by penning their own scary stories. The students are eager to share their stories with their friends and family. The fifth grade learned all about the human respiratory system this week, including a special lesson about the negative effects of smoking on our lungs. Ms. Scuteri's sixth graders have blasted into outer space! Each student has been assigned a planet and they are now starting to research their solar system reports and create 3-D models.

SAVE THE DATE! The CDCH will hold its third annual Harvest Day Festival on October 28 from 1 to 4 p.m. The festival features pony rides, moon bounce, obstacle course, costume contest, games and much more! The Harvest Day Festival is open to the general public. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please call 267-0133 or info@cdch.org.

Bridgehampton School

Ms. Nancy Moloney has found a fun way for her kindergarten students to learn about the United States. She has begun a postcard exchange program with other schools across the country. The students recently received a postcard from Stockton, California and found its location on the map. The students also learned where the Pacific Ocean is located and what is means to be located inland. The postcard exchange program offers youngsters an interesting way to learn more about our country.

Ms. Moloney's class will also start collecting leaves for a leaf exchange program. The class will focus on four different types. Once they are done learning about the leaves, they will be laminated and sent to other schools around the county. The class will also receive leaves from around the United States. It will be an exciting process for students to learn about leaves from other parts of the country, while holding them in their hands.

Bridgehampton students in grades 11 and 12 traveled to the Southampton Town Recreation facility for the East End Career Fair. The students also traveled to Southampton High School for a college fair.

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