October 18, 2006

My GayView

Picture this: the six-term Republican Congressman from Florida, who had plenty of self righteous indignation to spew about President Clinton and his tryst with Monica Lewinsky, puts up a front as a vigilant fighter for the protection of America's children. In fact, Representative Mark Foley was chairman of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, and a few months ago he introduced legislation "to protect children from exploitation by adults over the Internet."

One of my favorite quotes of Foley's is, "We track library books better than we do sexual predators." Did that analogy, and the knowledge of this sad shortcoming in our law enforcement, bolster his courage when it came to his own pursuit of young male Congressional Pages? The Republicans are spinning and re-spinning the facts, because this scandal might just be the straw that breaks the voters' backs this November. Don't let them distract you.

In fact, it's emblematic of the complete corruption of Bush's Republican-controlled Congress to know that they appointed one of their own with known sexual appetites for young boys to head the caucus that was going to put a stop to such behavior in our broken government. The scenario is like something you'd read about during the reign of Tiberius in Ancient Rome. Can you believe the hubris and the hypocrisy of it all?

We're being fed the slanted tripe about how viciously the Democrats are hounding this man, how charges might not be made to stick, and how he didn't do anything so terribly wrong. He was just asking for a photograph of a favorite page for sentimental reasons. He inquired what one wanted for his birthday because the kid had run so many errands for him during his tenure.

Well, you be the judge as you read direct transcripts from his e-mails to 16-year-old boys saying things like, "Do I make you horny?" Do you have any trouble determining what he was up to there? How about, "You in boxers, too? Well, strip down and get naked." Is anyone of any intellect confused about what a 52-year-old man is up to when he questions a minor thusly? Prosecutors in such cases refer to these leading questions as "grooming" the victim. Foley himself knew he was totally busted — that's evident by his hasty resignation. I have a feeling there's more dirt to be dug.

The thing that has a lot of gay leaders really upset is the fact that the oh-so-moral Republican Party is already blaming the fact that Foley is gay for his predilection for kids. Gay does not equal pederast. This is a smokescreen to cover up the heinous fact that seniors in their party knew of Foley's transgressions and did nothing to curtail it. As of this writing, at least four Republican members of Congress were aware of Foley's desire for Dangerous Liaisons with young male pages. Some serious questions need to be asked of Majority Leader John Brehner (R-Ohio), National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (NY), Representatives Rodney Alexander (R-LA) and John Shimkus (R-IL).

Most of all, the heat should be turned up on Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL). It's unfathomable that a man in his position would, by his silence, condone such illicit behavior. What can we do? The answer is obvious: vote Democrat this November. If the Dems can net 15 seats from the Republican Mafia in this midterm election, we can regain control of Congress. And then, my friends, we might just see some real change in government.

The Bush agenda, and all of its massive misuse of power, might hit a brick wall. That's something worth working for. Wouldn't it be an amazing footnote in history if this teenage page, who remains in seclusion, were the beginning of the end for the worst Presidency in anyone's memory? He blew the whistle, you know, by reporting those lurid e-mails to a current page in Alexander's office as a warning. "This freaked me out," he said. And then he typed the word "sick" 13 times. This kid has guts. Maybe someday we'll be voting for him!

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