October 18, 2006

Shelter Stories

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Isn't Scoobie a cutie? She's a young, spayed Shepherd mix down on her luck. Her owner had to turn her in to the Riverhead Animal Shelter because she was diagnosed with cancer, and Scoobie seems disconnected — and in shock — after having lived in a loving home all her life.

At first, Scoobie was anxious, understandably so. However, volunteers, as always, are saving the day and working with commands. Scoobie is housebroken. Last week, a man came by and wanted to adopt her so I did a story about Poopsie instead. (He got adopted.) Scoobie was so excited to be the center of attention, but the adoption fell through. I feel so sad for her. She's number 188 at the shelter. Call (631) 369-6189.

So now we have two great Labs still sitting at the Riverhead Animal Shelter. Spades, who's black, and Tigger, who's golden. They're both about six. Well-trained and housebroken, they obey commands beautifully. There's nothing like a well brought up older dog who gets along with other dogs and doesn't have issues. One volunteer told me that Spades must have had a terrific trainer. She holds commands beautifully.

Back to Scoobie, she's playful and loving but would do best as an only pet, which has been her lifestyle. With all that youthful energy, a home with older children would be recommended. Not so with the Labs, Tigger and Spades. They're grown ups.

Please don't forget our R.S.V.P. dogs who are still waiting: Kisses, the Boxer mix; Summer, the small Shepherd mix; Sheba, another young Shepherd mix and Trevor, a young Collie-Shepherd mix. Trainer Don Sterling says Kisses is the "best dog he's worked with." She's the "junkyard dog" who lived the first year of her life at the end of a two-foot chain. I still can't believe she's so nice after the start she had.

R.S.V.P.'s number is (631) 728-3524. Come volunteer and meet these great dogs. They love company.

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