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October 11, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Yes anglers, fishing is hot right now and that blaze will continue to grow as everyone impatiently awaits the explosion of the fall run. When this fire starts, it's not one we want to extinguish!

Paulie, from Freddie's Bait and Tackle in Montauk, reported good amounts of fish at Shagwong as well as on the north side of the lighthouse, with fish being reeled in up to 20 pounds. Earlier in the week, he said that the fishing had slowed down slightly due to the full moon and the wind that had a dramatic effect on the beach tide although he did believe that it would pick up again this week. "It was a weird week because of the wind, so it's been a little on the picky side," he reported. "But the fish must be back, because there's no one standing around in the shop shooting the breeze."

Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor reported massive porgies along with big bass and blues and the shop revealed that using live bunker over at the Ruins has been producing extremely good amounts of stripers the past week. Tight Lines personally weighed in several nice keeper bass; one in excess of 25 pounds and another exceeding 14. Surfcasting has been great over by the lighthouse and diamond jigging on the ebb tide has also seen anglers come away with nice amounts of keepers in both the bass and blues category.

Although Tight Lines didn't hear many blackfish reports, the shop has been selling green crabs, so the tasty critters must be moving into the area. "We're all waiting to hear some good black-fishing news."

Phil at Capt. Marty's Fishing Station in New Suffolk told me that it has been very busy with a mixed bag of porgies, including some of the largest of the season in the 14-16 inch range. Happily, his customers have been limiting out and many have also hooked up with weakfish in the 15-18 inch class. Roses Grove continues to be a hotspot.

Bill, at Jamesport Bait and Tackle in Mattituck, reported that the bay on the west side of Robin's Island has been consistently yielding fat porgies on clams and chum while weakfish have been taken in recent days from buoy #22 to buoy #28. Squid strips have been successful for a lot of anglers. Bill noted that Jessups has been alive with feisty bluefish and the Sound, from Mattituck Inlet to Orient, has been a fine place to grab cocktail blues to six pounds.

Steve at WeGo Fishing Bait and Tackle in Southold said that everyone had a great time fishing the recent full moon and live eels and dark bucktails were the key to success. He reported that the Race was "on fire," with bass in the 15 to 25 pound range being commonplace although he'd weighed in a 43-pounder hauled in on the night of the full moon.

Steve mentioned that as the water cools, the bluefish will be less in control and the day bite for stripers will improve. He urges everyone to get out on the water now, particularly if you are fishing with the kids as the scup scene is alive and well out east and it ends officially on October 31.

Ken, at White's Bait and Tackle in Greenport, reported that blackfishing has been picking up, particularly along the Sound. He advises readers to use green or hermit crabs, the latter being addictive to blackfish. His shop sells special rigs aimed at snagging them and he will personally show you how to tie it in order to keep the bait and hook pointed up above the rocky surface and almost free of tangles.

Ken mentioned that it was still a bit early for the plethora of schoolie bait that appear here each season although he's seen bunker and bay anchovies in all the coves. When the peanut bunker show up, things will get even hotter in our cooler waters. Get ready for the famous fall run that will be upon us before we know it!

Good Fishin' to everyone!

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