October 11, 2006

Shelter Stories

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Poopsie is a male, neutered, 3-year-old Lab/Terrier and Great Dane mix. A beauty. Don't you love his looks? The name, however, leaves a lot to be desired. I see him as a Jeeves. A name with dignity to match his great looks and personality.

He had the misfortune of having an owner who let him roam, so the dog was taken away from him by Riverhead Animal Control. Poopsie is very gentle — most big dogs are — and he loves treats. What a gentle mouth when he takes them from you. (I have to check for fingers with my dogs.)

Poopsie knows all the basic commands and is very smart. Sit. Heel. Paw. Stay. Come. Down. (Smarter than some of the people we know.) Poopsie also is housebroken and walks beautifully on a leash. He loves his walks.

As you can see, he's a beauty with a sleek black coat, white chest and white toes. One volunteer described him as looking like a "custom tailored tux." Poopsie loves to kiss people and appreciates tender loving care.

How could his previous owner let a guy like this roam loose, a target for a speeding car? Why take on the responsibility of owning a dog — a living, breathing, feeling being — if you're going to be careless? Two months is too long for Poopsie to be in the shelter. Come see for yourself and walk him. Take him through his paces. He is number 163 at the Riverhead Animal Shelter.

Update: Tigger, the Golden Lab, was too much for the elderly woman who adopted him. He's still available. No calls on the adorable Spades from last week. That great black face. How could you resist? I don't get it, folks. Trevor is hanging out at the farm. And Kisses still has no home. She's the Boxer mix, who spent her short life on a two-foot chain and was rescued by the Humane Society.

Sheba is still available but needs to be in a one pet household. Lots of calls on her and Summer. The rest, Dutch, Snooper, Baby and Kerri-Bear are all doing well. Kerri-Bear has even formed a friendship with a cat. Wonders never cease.

Don't forget the animals, readers. Volunteer. Visit. You can make such a difference in their lives.

Call the Riverhead Animal Shelter at (631) 369-6189 or R.S.V.P. at (631) 728-3524.

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