October 04, 2006

IBC Symptoms

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is often misdiagnosed as a rash or insect bites. There is itching, redness, swelling and the skin on the breast is hot to the touch; it may appear bruised or resemble an orange peel. Heaviness, burning, a sudden increase in size, tenderness, and inverted or flattened nipples can also be present.

The symptoms develop quickly, over a period of weeks, and IBC tends to occur in patients younger than traditional breast cancer victims.

To learn more about IBC and other types of breast cancer or breast health in general, check out the National Cancer Institute's Breast Cancer Home Page. In general, said Susie Roden of the South Fork Breast Health Coalition, women need to be their own advocates, know their bodies, and consult a physician if they notice changes to their breasts. In the case of IBC, if you're undergoing treatment for a rash and it doesn't seem to be clearing up, don't wait. Go back to the doctor for a second look.

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